14 November, 2016


20% OFF SALE for one week with the discount code "solidarity" at the Volar Records Bandcamp. 100% OF ALL PROCEEDS over the next week will be donated to each customer's respective organization of choice in support of our brothers and sisters in the Latino, African-American, Muslim, LGBTQ, and any and all other communities under persecution at the hands of misogynist, racist, bigoted, violent rhetoric. Within 24 hours of your order, a donation will be made to the organization of your choosing under your name or the name of your choosing, and we will provide you with a certificate from the likes of the ACLU Nationwide, Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood Action, Sierra Club, or any of the others you might choose from a great list like this -- http://jezebel.com/a-list-of-pro-women-pro-immigrant-pro-ea…

Upcoming/new/recent/past records by the likes of:
Shannon and the Clams
Digital Leather
Silver Shadows
Matt Lamkin of The Soft Pack
Flat Worms
Oh Boland
Teach Me
The Hussy
The Stalins of Sound
Oh Boland
Tropical Popsicle
Growwing Pains
Lenguas Largas
Tiger High
Christmas Island
Teenage Burritos
The Audacity & Big Eyes
Fine Steps
Cold Pumas
Eat Skull
Tribute to The Nerves ft. Davila 666 Personal & The Pizzas White Fence Tijuana Panthers
and more.

21 October, 2016

VIDEO PREMIERES/REVIEWS for Flat Worms (Thee Oh Sees/Ty Segall/Kevin Morby/the Babies) & Oh Boland, Matt Lamkin of the Soft Pack

We'll try and keep this one short and sweet. LA Record was kind enough to premiere the video for "Petulance" by Flat Worms from their "Red Hot Sand" debut 7". The band and I and some friends were out in Borrego Springs/Anza Borrego shooting a video for RHS when they popped into that liquor store after dinner to grab some stuff and started dancing. Somebody filmed it, I joked about it being a second video, for "Petulance," so we raced back and begged the owner to open the store and let us shoot for real. So here you. We still have both limited red and gray vinyl available for $5.

The band is playing a record release show at Permanent Records in Highland Park tomorrow. The band stars in the video below along with Rachel Peschman and Abigail Barnett, and the liquor store owner's son, Chad Barnes Jr. (I was hiding.)

Also, the great Yellow Green Red recently reviewed the 7":

Flat Worms Red Hot Sand 7″ (Volar)
Not quite a super-group so much as a band formed from guys in other bands (Thee Oh Sees, The Babies and Sic Alps, to name but a few), Flat Worms are a new fast-and-jagged punk group out of Los Angeles. They’ve got a pretty good debut EP here, opening with “Petulance”, which speeds along like Sauna Youth, complete with a chorus that recalls an ambulance siren’s rhythm. This is followed by “Sovereignty”, a brief jolt of upscale jumpy punk not unlike The Intelligence. The title track takes hold of the b-side, ready for the overnight drive with a motorik drum-beat and lots of open air for the guitar to play along, beside and against the beat, the vocalist given plenty of time to finish his beer before stepping up to sing the title of the song as though he were a Kraftwerk robot. Good stuff all around, and a nice example of modern-day underground punk in the way that Flat Worms are clearly informed by all cool forms of rock music from the past four decades but borrow sparingly from anything besides Wire’s Pink Flag. We could all do much worse!

We also just posted the first video from Irish punk-slop-power-pop trio Oh Boland's debut LP Spilt Milk, "Take Me Back to Mutton Island," directed and edited by friend of the band Stephen Connelly.
Limited clear vinyl available now for only $12.

A few small but nice reviews have popped up so far, follow the links below:

“This is obstreperous, this is brash, this is loud, and this is one of the best debuts you’ll hear all year.” -- An Ait Eile

“The band have succeeded in putting together a bag of catchy riffs and hooks that are perfectly suited to the fun-loving pub atmopshere where their rough and ready sound will thrive” 

And a reminder about the debut solo LP by Matt Lamkin, frontman for the Soft Pack, Where I'm Matt, out now digitally and on vinyl this winter. The Choir Croaks reviewed and said "And this might be one of the best songs to come out this year" about opener "Here I Am." 

17 October, 2016


Help me clear out my closet!

Big 'ole 20% off sale when you punch in "vamanos" at the Volar Records Bandcamp. Releases by Shannon and the Clams, Destruction Unit, Digital Leather, Christmas Island, Teenage Burritos, Soft Riot, Stalins of Sound, Cosmonauts, Oh Boland, Susan, Teach Me, Matt Lamkin (of the Soft Pack), Silver Shadows, Tiger High (members of Reigning Sound), Flat Worms (members of Thee Oh Sees/Kevin Morby/the Babies), Lenz, Fine Steps, Audacity, Lenguas Largas, Beaters, Ale Mania, Ratas del Vaticano, Uzi Rash, a tribute to Nerves w/ Tijuana Panthers, Davila 666, White Fence, Hunx and his Punx, etc., and a bunch more. 50 records so far and finally SHIRTS.

30 September, 2016

Silver Shadows debut LP and tour, Matt Lamkin (of the Soft Pack) debut solo LP, Stalins of Sound cassette, Volar seven-year anniversary

Hey! Guess what? Tonight's Volar's seven-year anniversary at the Whistle Stop (where I work if anyone wants to come pick a fight) in San Diego. Teach Me will be playing and celebrating the release of their debut 7", and Keepers will be playing as well. Teros Gallery has put together a doozy of an art showcase. Also, WE FINALLY HAVE FUCKING SHIRTS. Only $12 at the store.

Speaking of, that Teach Me 7" is now available on limited red vinyl, 300 copies. Weirdo punk from the main guys behind Beaters and Ale Mania, and also a huge part of the Sess, along with a member of Mrs. Magician and Lowlands. Stream/DL/order $6 vinyl!

Also out now, the debut LP by Irish power-pop trio Oh Boland, Spilt Milk. Stream/DL/order limited white vinyl!

We're excited to announce two debut LPs. The first is by Matt Lamkin, frontman for the Soft Pack. His solo debut, Where I'm Matt, is available now to stream and download, with vinyl due mid-December.

The second perfect record we're releasing mid-December is by Bay Area dark shoegaze/post-punk act Silver Shadows. They're hitting the road tonight for tour, so have a listen to a couple of tracks/preorder the LP and check out their dates below.

Wednesday, Sept. 28th - Oakland, CA @ The Night Light (https://www.facebook.com/events/1686700691656408)

Friday, Sept. 30th - Los Angeles, CA @ La Cita

Sun, Oct. 2nd - Phoenix, AZ @ Master’s Chambers

Mon, Oct. 3rd - Santa Fe, NM @ Radical Abacus https://www.facebook.com/events/1789118767967336

Tues, Oct. 4th - Albuquerque, NM @ Sister Bar https://www.facebook.com/events/1778768889048180

Wed, Oct. 5th - Tempe, AZ @ !secret show!

Thurs, Oct.6th - San Diego, CA @ Whistle Stop

Fri, Oct. 7th - Santa Barbara, CA @ Funzone145

Sat, Oct 8th - Sacramento, CA @ 10/8 (https://www.facebook.com/108CA/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE)

We've also got a cassette coming out by San Diego drum-machine punks Stalins of Sound, Biology Museum, a title borrowed by Pussy Riot. Check out a few tracks and preorder the tape, only $7 and out at their Nov. 4 release show w/ Pansy Division.

Also, we still have limited color vinyl of our recent releases by Flat Worms and Susan, as well as older titles by Shannon and the Clams, Destruction Unit, Digital Leather, our tribute to the Nerves, and lots more, with a lot of prices on other titles marked down.

12 September, 2016

Debut LP and tour by Irish trio Oh Boland and debut 7" by Teach Me, solo LP by Matt Lamkin (Soft Pack)

Irish punk-slop-power-pop trio Oh Boland

Formed in 2012, the trio of songwriter Niall Murphy  (Guitars, Vocals) Eanna MacDonnchadha (bass) and Simon McDonagh (drums/vocals) came together to form Oh Boland over the course of drunken pub crawls in their small town of Tuam, Ireland.  The band eventually recorded a couple of EPs with Brian Kelly of So Cow, and began venturing out into Galway City, leading to involvement with Dublin-based collective Popical Island and their release of the Delphi split LP with fellow Ireland indie-poppers Me and My Dog.

The Delphi recordings brought them together with producer Mark Chester, who makes his own music as Ginnels and plays in No Monster Club. After the band realized they were sitting on a number of songs, they decided to go back in with Chester to record this first full-length, Spilt Milk, over the course of two days over Halloween weekend 2014 in a cottage in one of the most isolated parts of the west of Ireland, Carraroe.  Most of the tracks were written in the town of Tuam while Murphy worked slow day shifts in a bar populated by agrarian tragedies, gambling addicts and mislaid bachelors. Boredom-fueled pop melodies driven by a love of girl group, country music and 70s power pop, enshrouded in the drunken slop of the Irish barroom rock n roll band and the unbridled motion of punk rock.

Over the last few years, the band has had the honor of touring Ireland with Parquet Courts and playing with the likes of Sheer Mag, Protomartyr, Metz, Speedy Ortiz, the Growlers, the Sonics, and Paul Collins (the Nerves).

Spilt Milk is officially due out on 09/30, with the band playing a number of US East Coast dates (including Detroit with their friends in Protomartyr) before ending up at Gonerfest 13 in Memphis.

Sept 15th- Plough And The Stars, Boston, MA       
Sept 16th- Cake Shop Manhattan, NYC w/Joey Sprinkles
Sept 17th- WFMU NJ live in-studio!
Sept 17th- Don Pedro,  Brooklyn w/Jack Oblivian
Sept 20th- Gooski’s, Pittsburgh, PA
Sept 21st- Used Kids Records, Columbus, OH
Sept 22nd- Now That’s Class, Cleveland, OH w/Joey Sprinkles
Sept 23rd- El Club, Detroit, MI w/ Protomartyr/Feelings
Sept 24th- Bric-A-Brac Records, Chicago, Il
Sept 25th- Hi-Dive – Milwaukee, WI
Sept 27th- Re-Animator - Winston-Salem North Carolina w/Chook Race
Oct 1st- Memphis Tenn.- Gonerfest 13- Murphy’s Bar 


Formed in Spring 2016, the trio that makes up Teach Me, old friends Jeremy Rojas (bass/vox), Andrew Montoya (drums) and Tommy Garcia (guitar) came together in a flash, banging out six songs in a week for a friend’s birthday party (Cory Stiers of Mrs. Magician/Cults/Thrill Me Records).  When Ben Moore, producer extraordinaire behind all three Hot Snakes Records and other releases by the likes of Metz, Swami John Reis and the Blink Shake, Rocket from the Crypt, Pinback, and scores of others, happened to catch this first performance, he was immediately struck and invited the boys to come record in his studio soon, with two of those recordings, “Collector” and “Pup Pup,” making up this first release.

Singer/bassist Jeremy Rojas and drummer Andrew Montoya have been playing together since middle school, eventually formally the legendary soul-garage-punk quintet the Sess, and immediately after that band broke up their own respective projects Beaters and Ale Mania. Teach Me was a chance to bring them together with guitarist Tommy Garcia, who also plays in Mrs. Magician and Low Lands. A forthcoming full-length LP will follow in early 2017.

Rojas and Montoya also played a large part in the debut solo LP by another old friend of theirs, Matt Lamkin, singer/guitarist for the Soft Pack. Both Teach Me members played guitar/bass and drums, respectively, with Montoya producing as well. Stream/DL the LP, Where I'm Matt.