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Christmas Island + the Anasazis


A photo journey into the reverb that is my cellular phone.


The following is my indepth coverage of my inside VIP view of the Wavves' homecoming show, coming off their extended earth tour. 

The extended bill: 
Wavves, Vampire Hands, Christmas Island, Dabbers, Bipolar Bear.

All together it was a positive fun show with kids coming out of the woodworks:
San Diego finally got a taste of the rising successful sound that is Wavves; Vampire Hands expressed their sentiment and gratitude on touring with Wavves (and Robbie); Christmas Island played a killer set all the while smiling the entire time.

**I missed Dabbers and Bipolar Bear... I was playing Galaga. But I'm sure they sounded great!

To view the rest of my national geographic photos, look at my flickr.


Our good friend's Brian + Lucy of Christmas Island had their annual birthday bbq yesterday. Let me tell you, it was 9 hours of excellent bbq-ness.

In a consistent annual fashion, their birthday bbq hosted FIRST TIME appearances by local san diego bands.

This year we were granted the pleasure of witnessing NOT ONE, BUT TWO virgin bands: Heavy Hawaii and Beaters. If you weren't there, well sorry - you'll have to tell your grandkids some other not-as-awesome story to make up for this life-loss.*

Here are some pictures I took with my phone. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brian and Lucy! To see the rest of the photos, look at my flickr.

*Beaters and Heavy Hawaii are playing this Friday the 24th. See previous post.

Crocodiles Summer of Hate reviews!

Originally uploaded by Legendary Classic So our good buddies in the Crocodiles are out on a crazy tour right now opening for the Faint and Ladytron. Their first album, Summer of Hate, is due out pretty soon here (I've seen conflicting reports of April 28th and May 5th). Some early reviews have been popping up, including Rolling Stone! Congrats, boys, hope you're having fun.

Rolling Stone review

20 Watts review

Quickcrit review

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Everything is Chemical

Self-titled Daily

San Diego Reader

San Diego CityBeat

Beaters + Heavy Hawaii + Whistle Stop = Great Show During a Weekend We Won't Be Here

Christmas Island/Intelligence/Dabbers/Pillow Queens TONIGHT


The Intelligence

Christmas Island

The Dabbers

Pillow Queens


9PM / 21+ / $5

Ale Mania/Beaters SD Citybeat Interview

Out of the garage
Ale Mania and Beaters are built to last

By Seth Combs
Out of the garage

The last time we sat in a room with members of The Sess they were on cloud nine. Or at least it seemed like they were.

The Sess was one of the hottest acts in the San Diego scene, and the garage-punk band seemed to be on a similar trajectory as other local acts like Crocodiles, Wavves and The Soft Pack.

But it wasn’t meant to be. Mere weeks after CityBeat’s August 2008 profile, in which we declared, “San Diego’s most dangerous band is probably too good to last,” The Sess, indeed, broke up.

Fast forward to the present. Jeremy Rojas and Andrew Montoya are sitting in the makeshift studio that Montoya built in his North Park apartment, listening to a mix of “Obamanation,” a song by their new band, Beaters.

“Dissipated. Naturally. Turned into chaos like anything else in the universe,” says Montoya when asked about The Sess’ breakup. “Slips out of control, whether it be individually or as a whole, simultaneous…

Ale Mania vs. Vivian Girls vs. Ariel Pink vs. Gary Wilson=Everyone Wins


I just spoke with Dave from the Ratas del Vaticano and he's saying something about having songs ready for us. Soooo close, so close!

I know I've said it before, but I'll spit it out again: It's just amazing for us to support the bands that we like ... and most importantly bands we're friends with. PMA.

Hence, Dave and I had a discussion about current bands that we're excited for. Given it's easier to hold a lament position on said topic and the general state within the music scene, my contrary response was all - "um, YOUR BAND!"

Hopefully, Ratas will be able to tour the US sooner than later. And when that happens I'm going to offer my excellent driver/transportation services.

Here's to the motherfuckingfuture!

P.S. Dave -- gimme the songs already!

No Subject

Still trying to come down from the last couple of weeks. Fun times leading up to SXSW, fun times during, fun times after (the Homosexuals played last Friday and KILLED). Plus I DJ'd for the first time last night, barely knowing what I was doing, subjecting the bar patrons to Fleetwood Mac and King Crimson and old Aerosmith. Plus we've been busy getting this Neon Aztec release ready, we stopped in to check out a mix on one song tonight and ended up pretty much finishing most of the mix for the thing. If we're lucky it'll be ready to send off in another week or two.

While we were in SXSW, we were able to meet up with a couple of friends from Ratas del Vaticano, who should be sending us some songs to choose from in the next couple of days for the 7" we're gonna put out. Unfortunately, we weren't able to watch them play in Austin. Come to San Diego soon, Rats. (We'll have some SXSW video up tomorrow, but for now, this::::::::::::

One of my major highl…