11 April, 2009


I just spoke with Dave from the Ratas del Vaticano and he's saying something about having songs ready for us. Soooo close, so close!

I know I've said it before, but I'll spit it out again: It's just amazing for us to support the bands that we like ... and most importantly bands we're friends with. PMA.

Hence, Dave and I had a discussion about current bands that we're excited for. Given it's easier to hold a lament position on said topic and the general state within the music scene, my contrary response was all - "um, YOUR BAND!"

Hopefully, Ratas will be able to tour the US sooner than later. And when that happens I'm going to offer my excellent driver/transportation services.

Here's to the motherfuckingfuture!

P.S. Dave -- gimme the songs already!

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