26 May, 2009

Kicking Your Ears In, San Diego

beaters,julian lynch,spirit photography

from Citybeat:

Wednesday, May 27

If there’s a better tune to come out of San Diego this year than Beaters’ “Fishage,” I certainly haven’t heard it. Put blown-out keys over just about anything and you’ll have me creaming for more, but throw in piles of sinister guitars and awesome gang vocals and I’m suddenly your biggest fan. Overcoming the notoriously difficult sound at the Whistle Stop about a month ago, the three ex-Sess members (and one Powerchord) tore the proverbial roof off the place. Most importantly, drummer Andrew Montoya laid an agile foundation, anchoring a band that seemed to be teetering on the brink of nihilism. That they’re performing with intriguing gloom merchants Spirit Photography, New Jersey home-recording free-spirit Julian Lynch and improvisational sound artist Mark Lewis only gives more incentive to attend. At Soda Bar in City Heights.

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