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A couple of months ago, Ratas del Vaticano and Inservibles toured their homeland of Mexico. From Monterry to Mexico City, they played shows in the nooks and crannies of that beautiful country laying south of US of Ey.

I'll skip the rundown and just give you the transcript of our chat: (Dave sings and plays guitar in Ratas del Vaticano)

1:17:50 PM Dave mexican:
1:22:18 PM Melissa: cool
1:22:21 PM Melissa: what's is that for?
1:22:30 PM Dave mexican: we gonna made a dvd
1:22:35 PM Dave mexican: of the mexican tour
1:23:43 PM Melissa: cool
1:23:49 PM Melissa: i'll post that on the blog
1:23:58 PM Melissa: do you want to add anything about it?
1:24:15 PM Melissa: do you feel that what you are doing is important for mexican music?
1:24:27 PM Melissa: where do you think you stand?
1:24:33 PM Melissa: it sounds important to me
1:24:45 PM Dave mexican: cool
1:25:00 PM Dave mexican: well,,, i want to add nothing
1:25:04 PM Melissa: ok
1:25:30 PM Melissa: yes, your band is important to me
1:25:59 PM Dave mexican: i feel is important for us , it opens doors to other countries, and bands can come to play with us and see mexico people is the best
1:26:05 PM Dave mexican: not because im a mexican
1:26:18 PM Dave mexican: it is because here people love people from other places
1:26:30 PM Melissa: good
1:27:21 PM Melissa: what other mexican bands are getting more or similar attention, besides los llamaradas?
1:27:36 PM Dave mexican: and if more people come, and more people can go out of the country, it will creat trusth in what we are doing and more bands will be recording and playing not giving a fuck about mainstream shit or what people thinks
1:27:43 PM Melissa: yeah
1:27:52 PM Melissa: i agree
1:28:34 PM Dave mexican: XYX, inservibles, los margaritos, are the best bands here....
1:29:12 PM Dave mexican: los llamarada have served to other people can take a look of what's going on here
1:31:56 PM Melissa: yeah
1:32:03 PM Melissa: is that just within monterrey
1:32:08 PM Melissa: or mexico city too?
1:32:17 PM Dave mexican: just mty
1:32:35 PM Dave mexican: inservibles are from mexico city though
1:32:39 PM Melissa: oh
1:33:00 PM Melissa: are there any older bands that you guys work with or look up to in your community?
1:33:17 PM Dave mexican: punk older bands?
1:33:31 PM Melissa: like, just 5-10 years older
1:33:42 PM Melissa: that have been around for a while
1:33:44 PM Dave mexican: they are on the same shit, they think us are not punk enough
1:33:58 PM Dave mexican: no so many bands here can survive too much
1:34:07 PM Dave mexican: is kinda weird,,,
1:34:18 PM Melissa: ah
1:34:19 PM Dave mexican: it's very reduced the people that goes to shows
1:34:24 PM Dave mexican: but in this tour
1:34:38 PM Dave mexican: served to know there's not too much rock
1:34:41 PM Dave mexican: in mexico
1:34:55 PM Dave mexican: cities fogotten by eveybody
1:34:57 PM Dave mexican: even GOD
1:35:32 PM Dave mexican: but people went to the shows, without giving a fuck about what bands were playing
1:35:43 PM Melissa: that's amazing
1:35:47 PM Dave mexican: and we had a great time
1:35:48 PM Melissa: cause you don't get that here
1:35:49 PM Melissa: at all
1:35:58 PM Melissa: it's only about what band is playing
1:36:03 PM Melissa: the 'cool' bands
1:36:16 PM Melissa: so it's kind of hit or miss with the audience
1:36:29 PM Dave mexican: uhum
1:36:33 PM Melissa: sometimes you can have an amazing show - but no one knows they're amazing, so they don't go
1:37:18 PM Melissa: other times, it will rely on promotion for a band that is accepted as 'cool'
1:37:42 PM Melissa: do you feel people went to your shows just to release
1:38:13 PM Melissa: you say they didn't care what bands were playing - they just wanted to have funn
1:38:22 PM Melissa: that's so pure
1:38:28 PM Dave mexican: that's cool
1:38:37 PM Melissa: the need to get out and release stress
1:39:02 PM Melissa: i made another song
1:39:06 PM Melissa: last night
1:39:17 PM Dave mexican: im not saying that happened on all the shows,, but it does happened in some cities like tehuacan or aguascalientes, that are smaller and away ,, bands dont go there too much
1:39:27 PM Dave mexican: pass the song :)
1:39:30 PM Melissa: that's awesome
1:43:00 PM Melissa: i sent it
1:43:34 PM Dave mexican: cool


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