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this week

I wanted to go see PJ Harvey tomorrow night, but I don't think that's gonna happen. Mario's got Religious Girls playing his Too Many Creeps night at the Whistle Stop tomorrow, then we play on Monday, then I show some car chase goodness on Thursday. Oh, and Brian Island fills in for the Anasazis on Wednesday at the Whistle and DJs w/Mario as well. So much stuff...

Ale Mania, Hawnay Troof, BAADDD, tomorrow night (06/19) at the Soda Bar

Ale Mania's gonna be without a drummer for a while, this is her last show before she takes off to Europe, so come check 'em out before you're left waiting a few months. Oh yeah, and Hawnay Troof and BAADDD are pretty cool too. Records and stuff by DJ Mario Orduno.

Thank You, Perry Vasquez

One of my favorites, and a nice guy to boot.

Concerning the Antiquity and Genealogy of Gort
Fall, 1992
Recycled Havoline 10w-30
on Arches print paper
22" x 30"
Collection of Museum of Contemporary Art
San Diego