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Beaters "Fishage" 7" for sale (now with pix)

Alright, let's see how this goes. There's now a nifty Paypal button on the right if you'd like to order our very first release, the "Fishage" 7" by Beaters, a split release with Single Screen Records. The test pressing arrived and was approved on Monday, and we should have these by the end of next week. I'll have the art up in a few hours when I go to work, my Photoshop here at the house is having an issue with it. I should have around 220 available, all on mixed color vinyl. If you live in San Diego, please email me at, and we can arrange for you to pick it up. Oh, and if you don't live in the US, drop me a line, I'm still trying to figure that stuff out. Thanks.

Don't Forget About Tonight

Free show, Christmas Island and Ratas del Vaticano all the way from Monterrey, Mexico, Bar Pink, music at 9:30? Here's what Citybeat had to say:

Skeletal pop three-piece Christmas Island show up quite a bit in this column for many reasons, only three of which I’ll list here: 1) They’re one of San Diego’s most enjoyable bands to watch, 2) their live performances continue to improve and 3) they associate with out-of-town bands that, for the most part, share a similar outlook on playing music. The matchups never seem to be an accident, so I assume they simply have better taste than most. This time, they’re paired with sloppy Mexican punks Ratas del Vaticano, who are scheduled to release a 7-inch single on DIY start-up Volar Records in the near future, a label operated by Island guitarist Craig Oliver. Coincidence? I think not. At Bar Pink.

And Another Totally Fun Show

I implore everyone I know who likes music to come check out Gun Outfit. One of my favorite bands around right now, I was fortunate enough to catch them while out at SXSW, and they were pretty amazing. They'll have a self-recorded tour cassette with five new songs. I can't wait. Plus Brian Island is also DJing this one.

Big Ass Crazy Show next Friday, August 7

Funny how this all came together, but it should be fun, and we should hopefully have the records in time. Thanks to Mario for putting together the flyer.

Fresh & Onlys new album soon...

So Shayde and Tim and the gang have a new album coming out soon on Woodsist entitled Grey-Eyed Girls. "Invisible Forces" has been popping up everywhere, like here in Fader, here in the Bay Bridged, here on Stereogum, and here on Pitchfork. It's pretty great, my new moody jam, and it has me more excited for the record. Volar should have their split with Dan Melchior UMD ready before they leave for tour in September.

Fresh & Onlys at the Woodsist/Captured Tracks festival

Oh yeah, and the Beaters test pressing came in yesterday and it sounds great. We're crossing our fingers that we'll have our copies to sell at the shows on the 7th and 8th, and I'll have 'em up for order here soon...

You Should Be Here

XYX (Monterrey, Mexico)/Blue Jungle (LA), BRAAIINS!/Spirit Photography @ Soda Bar, Fri, July 24th

Yeah, like the title says. Our buddy DJ Rick from the great Art for Spastics radio show is driving XYX on this tour, so hanging out should be fun. Oh, and the show should be good too.

Blue Jungle


Spirit Photography

Three Days with Meth (Teeth)

So we're sort of doing this repeat of last July and doing three show with our buds in Meth Teeth from Portland. Keep an eye out for their upcoming LP on Woodsist (I've heard it, it's great), and a 2x7" w/Xmas Island on Sacred Bones Records, where each band covers each other and also contributes an original.

Tonight we head up to the Smell in dirty ass downtown LA to play w/MT, Bipolar Bear, Pterodactyl, and Night Control.

Then, we were added on to a big b-day BBQ at the last second with our buds in the Soft Pack and some other bands (we're replacing Girls, who just dropped off the bill). More details soon...

And then tomorrow night we play this show:

Monday we'll be back in town playing with MT and Fag Cop at the Soda Bar. What's ironic about this one is that it happened by accident that MT and FG are on the bill together, and just last year The Onion mentioned both bands in this article regarding band names in 2008 (Fag Cop is even in the marquee!). Here&…

Best Free Show this year = Beaters/Best Coast/Pearl Harbour













I first knew about Chrome when I was younger and obsessed with the Jesus Lizard, who did a Chrome medley of "TV as Eyes" and "Abstract Nympho" off of Half Machine Lip Moves for a 7". I didn't look too much into the band, though, and it wasn't until down the line that I was reintroduced to them. (Also, I should note that in doing a little bit of research I ran across this blog, Half Machine Lip Moves.) I wanted Spirit Photography to cover a song of theirs at some point, and my buddy/bass player Mark suggested maybe getting other bands on board. Turns out our friends in the Crocodiles and Beaters are both big fans, so it made that pretty easy. 12" in the near future...

(The Jesus Lizard doing their Chrome medley live):

(I can't find shit for old live videos of these guys, so here's an unreleased studio outtake, "Something Rhythmic"):

(And if you're really bored, this 10 minute promo for MF Doom/Madlib's Chrome Children)&g…

Vice likes Beaters. Weird. But cool.

People are talking. We should have this in our hands in the next few weeks. For the record, they left out that this is a co-release with Single Screen Records.

This week in shows

Tonight: Beaters/Illuminauts/Atoms @ the Soda Bar

taken from

The small but potent Single Screen Records has played home to some of the more vigorous sounds coming out of San Diego in the past several years, releasing material by popular R&B punks The Sess, the Bowie-esque Red Feathers and the morbid folk of Vision of a Dying World. With a busy slate of new 7-inches scheduled for the near future, Single Screen shows what it has to offer at this showcase featuring the dystopian thump of Beaters, the broken instrumental hip-hop grooves of Illuminauts and the eccentric, soulful Charles Musket at Soda Bar.

Tomorrow night: Spirit Photography/Bulbs/Pretty Totally/Jeans Wilder/Mark Lewis

also taken from

Sunday, July 12

There’s been some interesting noise recently seeping out of San Diego’s underground recesses, and it can be easy to miss if you’re not keeping your ears open. Here’s the deal: Spirit Photography consists of two members of fellow local charmers Chr…

Sacred Bones in Village Voice

One of my two bands, Spirit Photography, thus far has only released a 7" on Sacred Bones. (We have some other stuff coming soon.) We felt very lucky that Caleb took us on, as he's been doing great work for a while. Today, the Village Voice out of NY published a nice article about the label, and you can check it out here.


So our first official release, one we're splitting with Single Screen Records, is officially off at the plant. We're extremely proud to be a part of the "Fishage" 7", the first-ever release by great local act (and great friends as well), Beaters. For a while here in town, the punk/garage/soul-influenced The Sess was our favorite band. The favorite band of a lot of people, really. And those same people were bummed when that band fell apart.

But pretty soon two great projects rose from the ashes of that band. One of these is Ale Mania, with Andrew Montoya, ex-drummer for the Sess, leading the band on bass and vocals, backed by Jeremy Rojas and Aldo from the Sess on guitar and keys, respectively, and Melissa Atoms on drums, pulling from punk, funk and new wave, among other things. The other band is Beaters, with Jeremy leading on guitar and vox, Aldo on keys, Craig Barclift from the Powerchords and Vision of a Dying World on bass and Andrew back behind the ki…