29 July, 2009

Don't Forget About Tonight

Free show, Christmas Island and Ratas del Vaticano all the way from Monterrey, Mexico, Bar Pink, music at 9:30? Here's what Citybeat had to say:

Skeletal pop three-piece Christmas Island show up quite a bit in this column for many reasons, only three of which I’ll list here: 1) They’re one of San Diego’s most enjoyable bands to watch, 2) their live performances continue to improve and 3) they associate with out-of-town bands that, for the most part, share a similar outlook on playing music. The matchups never seem to be an accident, so I assume they simply have better taste than most. This time, they’re paired with sloppy Mexican punks Ratas del Vaticano, who are scheduled to release a 7-inch single on DIY start-up Volar Records in the near future, a label operated by Island guitarist Craig Oliver. Coincidence? I think not. At Bar Pink.

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