18 July, 2009

Three Days with Meth (Teeth)

So we're sort of doing this repeat of last July and doing three show with our buds in Meth Teeth from Portland. Keep an eye out for their upcoming LP on Woodsist (I've heard it, it's great), and a 2x7" w/Xmas Island on Sacred Bones Records, where each band covers each other and also contributes an original.

Tonight we head up to the Smell in dirty ass downtown LA to play w/MT, Bipolar Bear, Pterodactyl, and Night Control.

Then, we were added on to a big b-day BBQ at the last second with our buds in the Soft Pack and some other bands (we're replacing Girls, who just dropped off the bill). More details soon...

And then tomorrow night we play this show:

Monday we'll be back in town playing with MT and Fag Cop at the Soda Bar. What's ironic about this one is that it happened by accident that MT and FG are on the bill together, and just last year The Onion mentioned both bands in this article regarding band names in 2008 (Fag Cop is even in the marquee!). Here's the excerpt:

Total Faggots*
You Die
Meth Teeth
Fag Cop*

Pictures soon...

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