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Thursday Horror, Saturday Terror

So my 'day job' is managing a little video store in South Park, San Diego by the name of Citizen Video. Three years ago, Brian Island and I spent a couple of weeks compiling the best in 80s American and Italian Horror trailers, and every Halloween we showcase this compilation at the Whistle Stop Bar. Tonight is our fourth annual event, featuring an intermission set by Nude Boy.

On Saturday at the Whistle Stop, Beaters and Kill Me Tomorrow will tear your souls apart.

Also, Beaters have a new song up, "Contender," which you can listen to on their myspace.

Beaters "Fishage" video--alternate version, early cut

So my pal Christin Turner and I are in the process of putting together a 'real' video for "Fishage" by Beaters, but I ran across "A Short Vision," a 1956 short animation created by John and Peter Foldes, and figured, what the hell...I'll probably play with the cut just a little bit over the next week, but for now, there's this:

Fresh & Onlys on WFMU's Talk's Cheap

So last night's show at Bar Pink was pretty special. Dan Melchior and his wife w/Kyle from the Fresh & Onlys backing them up on drums, the F&Os, and the Oh Sees played great sets to a great crowd. Like usual, we stayed up too late partying, but it's hard to avoid when they're in town. Anyhow, I was made aware of this WFMU in-studio session they did a few weeks ago with Jarvis Taveniere from Woods filling things out on guitar. The recordings are pretty great, so have a listen.

Fresh & Onlys on WFMU's Talk's Cheap

p.s. While I'm here, I'd like to post a couple of my favorite pictures of Shayde from this year's SXSW Woodsist showcase:


Sorry I didn't post this earlier. My copy's still in the mail, I was hoping to read it first, but fuck it. The legendary Maximum Rock 'n' Roll featured our beloved Ratas del Vaticano in the just-released November issue. Pretty cool, gueys. Now get your Nerves cover done and I'll have your records for you in a few weeks...

Also, next month's issue might have a nice little thing about Beaters? Maybe just a review, I'm not sure...

This Week

So there's no flyer for it, but our good buds in the Oh Sees/the Fresh & Onlys/Dan Melchior are currently on tour and will be playing Bar Pink here in SD tomorrow. We're pretty excited. I know there's that Grizzly Bear/Beach House show and that Nobunny/Box Elders/Hunx and his Punx show, but are those free and at a bar with $2 beers? NO.

Also, on Thursday, Christmas Island is playing with Jeremy Jay and Sea Lions. We have LPs and CDs of Blackout Summer, so for those of us we didn't see at the Casbah record release show...maybe we'll see you then? Thanks, all.

Catching up with the Sharp Ends

In an effort to keep in touch with the different acts involved with Volar and to give them a chance to tell everyone what's going on in their world, I'm posing a simple question to everyone: What's been up with you guys lately? Here's what Daniel from Sharp Ends had to say:

As for what we have been up to, two of our singles have just been released. The northern front single on Hozac and the crack trap single on mammoth cave recordings (our friend Pauls new label, he plays drums in the myelin sheaths.) We are also expecting our 4 song 7 inch to be coming out within the next week or so, [on Pizza Records-co) and I'd have to say I'm most excited for this one. The test press has already come in and it simply slays. Three records in one month! And it won't stop there. We're concentrating on writing a full length, but we're taking our time with it. I moved into a new house last month, so we have a brand new jam space to work with. My hopes are to record o…

Come Get Weird With Us

So Bare Wires aren't playing, but Mark Lewis and Jeans Wilder are. That's pretty cool.

Christmas Island record release show w/Wounded Lion and the Intelligence

Let's call it perfect timing to celebrate the release of the "19"/"29" 7" on Captured Tracks and Blackout Summer on In the Red.

p.s. Both of our bands, Christmas Island and Spirit Photography, play the Part Time Punks fest the day before...

SXSW '10

So, in conjuction with I Hate Rock 'n Roll Records and Videothing, we'll be participating in three days of music at the beloved Austin record store, Trailer Space Records. More details as they come.