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Art Fag Fest, November 27

I wanted to repost this for my buddy Mario Orduno. He's presenting this nice showcase here in town for some great bands.





Ale Mania, Cold Cave, Nite Jewel, Casbah, Dec. 5

This show's gonna be badass.


Taken from this week's SD City Beat:

View from a stool
Along with Dum Dum Girls, The Soft Pack and maybe blink-182 (you know, if that’s your thing), Beaters will probably put out one of next year’s most anticipated local records. A garage-rock brainchild of Andrew Montoya and Jeremy Rojas, the band has garnered a lot of national buzz and become the two main members’ primary focus despite playing in other bands, including Ale Mania and Dum Dum Girls.

But what do the two seemingly inseparable buds do for fun? They keep playing music, of course. Billed as their “only show ever,” the two debuted their new punk-rock side project, Whorio Goes to Clown School, last Sunday night to a crowd of a dozen or so at Soda Bar. Accompanied by two Craigs (Powerchords bassist Craig Barclift and Christmas Island guitarist Craig Oliver), Whorio played a 10-minute, six-song set that was entertaining despite Montoya repeatedly having to read the lyrics out of a composition book and Rojas making superfluo…

Under the Covers Vol. 2: A Tribute to Jack Lee, Peter Case & Paul Collins

In conjunction with I Hate Rock n Roll Records, we've been putting together this nice little tribute to Lee, Case & Collins of the Nerves/Breakaways/Plimsouls/etc. This is what we have spoken for/turned in thus far:

So Cow--Working Too Hard
Shark Toys--I Don't Fit In
Le Face--Paper Dolls
Grass Widow--Walking Out on Love
Davila 666--Hanging on the Telephone
Ratas del Vaticano--Are You Famous?
Fresh & Onlys--Come Back and Stay
Hunx and his Punx--When You Find Out
The Mantles--A Million Miles Away
The White Wires--Letter to G

We've got some other bands we're talking to, and we're hoping to have this out by early Feb...

Dutchess and the Duke, Christmas Island, Greg Ashley, Little Claw, Casbah, Sat. Nov. 14

Yeah, we're pretty excited about this one...

Kim Phuc and Whorio Goes to Clown School @ Soda Bar

So our buds in Kim Phuc, all the way from Pittsburgh, PA, are playing tomorrow night here in town at the Soda Bar. I have a special memory of crashing in the same pad as them during SXSW and watching them play in the backyard of the house, and then catching them the next night in full force at Club 1808. In addition, I'll be joining Andrew and Jeremy from Beaters/Ale Mania to play the only show ever of Whorio Goes to Clown School, a pet punk project of theirs. Jimmy from Kill Me Tomorrow/Thin Man also plays guitar and Craig Barclift from Beaters/Powerchords/Vision of a Dying World plays bass.

Ratas del Vaticano and Ale Mania 7"s ready to order...

I'll have the Ratas del Vaticano "Chido" 7" EP and the Ale Mania "Lustful Fistful" 7" in my hands shortly. You can preorder them over there on the right... Also, the Dan Melchior Und das Menace/Fresh & Onlys split 7" is basically sold out. No word on a repress. There will be 20 more super limited color copies available, so grab 'em while you can...