24 March, 2010

Home from SXSW!

46 hours total driving time, four-and-a-half drunken days, returning home and sleeping for fifteen hours...SXSW was a complete blast. Aside from our showcase, I caught a lot of other great shows, hung out with a lot of friends, ate a lot of pizza and BBQ, drank a lot of beer, walked a lot of miles... I just wanted to take the chance to thank Spot at Trailer Space Records, who provided us with what provided us with what turned out to be the perfect venue for this whole shebang; ALL of the bands who were ALL great; all the awesome people who turned out for the shows; I Hate Rock and Roll and Videothing.com and Colonel Abe for being a part of this; and the city of Austin for ruling so hard. Here's some pics below--

Kid Congo
Kid Congo @ Trailer Space

TV Ghost
TV Ghost @ trailer space

Lou Barlow was there?
Lou Barlow @ trailer space

Zola Jesus
Zola Jesus @ trailer space

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