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Ponys, Disappears, Christmas Island this weekend

So we're lucky enough to have been asked to open up a couple of shows for Disappears (members of the Ponys, 90 Day Men, Boas) and the Ponys (Matador Records) as they stop through Southern California on their national tour. In LA, we'll also be joined by the great Earthmen and Strangers from AZ. Good times!

p.s. Read the recent Pitchfork review of the new Disappears record, Lux, released on Kranky.


So I punch "Future Roundup" into Google and figure I'll use the first image that pops up, no matter what, and lo and behold, it's some cheesy newspaper cartoon drawn by someone with my same first name. (The shared proper name was even in the file name.)

Now that that's out of the way, how about a quick update on things?

Next on the plate for Volar is the 4-way 7" split w/Spirit Photography (me and Brian from Christmas Island), Ale Mania (Andrew and Jeremy from the Sess/Beaters, who just got back into town after their tour w/the Soft Pack), Sharp Ends (badasses from Canada) and O Voids (also badasses from Canada).

After that will see a slew of releases, not totally sure about the order yet:

--A 7" by Orange County power-pop greats Audacity

--Under Covers Volume 2: A Tribute to Paul Collins, Peter Case and Jack Lee (the Nerves, the Plimsouls, the Beat, the Breakaways), featuring Grass Widow, Ratas del Vaticano, So Cow, White Wires, and a ton…