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X (Australia)/A-Frames/Christmas Island/Nude Boy TUESDAY!

So, we've been pretty excited about this one for a while.

Taken from

Biography by Brendan Swift
Hailing from Sydney, Australia, punk rockers X labored through a quintessential punk existence; banned from playing venues, harassed by the police, and suffering through several lineup changes -- including the untimely death of guitarist Ian Krahe -- they eventually achieved legendary status after years of performing. Formed by bassist Ian Rilen, who had left Rose Tattoo in 1977, X initially started life as Evil Rumours. Composed of vocalist Steve Lucas, guitarist Ian Krahe, and drummers Steve Cafiero and Eddie Fisher, they began playing Sydney punk rock hangouts before the unfortunate death of Krahe, who died in his sleep in May 1978. Only three demo tracks survive with Krahe's work which were later released on the 1985 Aberrant punk compilation Why March When You Can Riot? Geoff Holmes took up Krahe's duties only to be replaced by Peter Coutanche in early 1979.…

Sonic Magazine article about San Diego music...

Journalist Erik Augustin Palm spent a few days here some weeks back gathering interviews and info for what turned out to be a rather lengthy piece on the long-standing music scene here in town. I haven't read it yet, but Volar Records (along with Art Fag Recordings and a slew of bands) is a part of the article, and the editors at the mag were nice enough to include both Christmas Island ("29" off the Captured Tracks 7") and Spirit Photography ("Where is the Light" from the upcoming 6 X 2 X 12" on Volar Records feat. Defektors/O Voids/Sharp Ends/Ale Mania/Beaters/Spirit Photography) on their bonus disc.


Wrapped in sunshine, palm trees and lined with miles of beaches, we know San Diego as Southern California's major holiday resort. The city has been called a cultural desert, but in recent years an indie scene has emerged that today is one of the most interesting in the U.S.. Erik Augustin Palm traveled to SoCal and tal…

Gun Outfit live videos

Some recent live Gun Outfit videos for everyone here. The first is "High Places," the opening track off of the upcoming 4-song 12" EP on Volar.

This next one is "White Light," also off the upcoming 12":

GUN OUTFIT II from OLYMPIA, 2010 on Vimeo.
Here's "Last Chants" off of their just-released LP Possession Sound available from PPM (run by Dean of No Age).

GUN OUTFIT III from OLYMPIA, 2010 on Vimeo.
And here's "That's It," which is either really old or really new. (Carrie mentioned that they played some early stuff from their first demos.)

GUN OUTFIT from OLYMPIA, 2010 on Vimeo.
Also be sure to check out Perennial Death, the new label run by Dylan Sharp and pals.


Limited edition Black Orphan 7" and 6-way 12" vinyl available for preorder

Volar's next two releases arrive late June in the form of the Black Orphan (member of the Spits) 4-song 7" EP and the 6 X 2 X 12" featuring Canadian bands Sharp Ends (Hozac, Mammoth Cave), O Voids (Troubleman Unlimited), and Defektors (Nominal Records) along with San Diego bands Ale Mania (Volar, Hell Yes!), Beaters (Volar/Single Screen, Zoo Music), and Spirit Photography (Sacred Bones, members of Christmas Island). 100 of the Black Orphan will be available on grey, hand numbered, and 100 of the split 12" will be available on white, also hand numbered.

"Metal Leg" off of the Black Orphan 7" and Ale Mania's "Fawkus" on the 6 X 2 X 12" can be heard here, and Spirit Photography's "Where is the Light" off of 6 X 2 X 12" can be found here.

Christmas Island/The Beets/German Measles TONIGHT! 05/07

Black Orphan 7" art

Here's the track that initially won me over. Thanks, Lucy.