20 May, 2010

Limited edition Black Orphan 7" and 6-way 12" vinyl available for preorder

Volar's next two releases arrive late June in the form of the Black Orphan (member of the Spits) 4-song 7" EP and the 6 X 2 X 12" featuring Canadian bands Sharp Ends (Hozac, Mammoth Cave), O Voids (Troubleman Unlimited), and Defektors (Nominal Records) along with San Diego bands Ale Mania (Volar, Hell Yes!), Beaters (Volar/Single Screen, Zoo Music), and Spirit Photography (Sacred Bones, members of Christmas Island). 100 of the Black Orphan will be available on grey, hand numbered, and 100 of the split 12" will be available on white, also hand numbered.

"Metal Leg" off of the Black Orphan 7" and Ale Mania's "Fawkus" on the 6 X 2 X 12" can be heard here, and Spirit Photography's "Where is the Light" off of 6 X 2 X 12" can be found here.

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forego is my witness said...

Howdy! Just wondering when that sweet 6x2x12" was gonna go out....