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Ale Mania--'A, Who Sings the Beat?' debut LP PREORDER

After talking about this for close to two years, Ale Mania's debut LP, A, Who Sings That Beat? is finally done and off at the presses. After the demise of San Diego garage/punk/soul legends The Sess, guitarist/singer Jeremy Rojas went on to create Beaters, with the Sess's Andrew Montoya on drums and Aldo Bustos on keys, while Andrew starting writing and recording as Ale Mania, taking care of drums/bass/most vox, with Rojas on guitar and some vox. The Sess was my favorite band in San Diego while they were around, and as sad as I was about their demise, I couldn't be happier with the work that Andrew and Jeremy have been putting into both new projects. Beaters and Ale Mania started right as Volar was in its beginning stages, and they're largely responsible for why I wanted to start a label in the first place. I couldn't be prouder to be releasing this as Volar first official 'album.'

Listen to 'Robust Universe,' 'LustFulFistFul' and '…

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Cold Pumas "Fourth Date"/"Dawn Lobby" 7" due in March

This is what happens when you write a band you hear and like and simply say "please." Really excited to be releasing this great two song 7" by the UK's Cold Pumas. You can hear both tracks at their bandcamp, and below are some nice reviews and interviews with the band. They also have a great four-way 7" split on its way out with Women, Fair-Ohs, Cold Pumas, and Friendo, which can be heard at the Faux Discx bandcamp and purchased at the label's website. (It should be noted that gentleman extraordinaire Dan Reeves from CP runs the label.) You can preorder these over there on the right.

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