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April Releases--Destruction Unit LP, Dirt Dress 7", Pope Anything 7", Cold Pumas 7"

So we've got a few things coming out late April for ya. Really quickly wanted to say that we had a total blast at SXSW and wanted to thank everyone profusely for playing/attending/hosting. I'll have a proper post soon regarding SXSW with some news, but for now, here's a list of the four releases coming out in a few weeks. I'm offering a batch deal for all four titles for $30 even, which saves on shipping and allows you to enjoy all four titles at once.

VOLAR09--Cold Pumas--"Dawn Lobby"/"Fourth Date" 7"
400 on black, 100 on blue

I've been talking to these UK gents for a bit about doing something, and it's finally almost here. It only took me hearing a couple of songs online to drop them a line and ask them about doing a record, and I couldn't be happier. Taking from the great 20 Jazz Funk Greats website regarding "Dawn Lobby":

"A reassuringly pounding entry into 2011, Cold Pumas return is furnished with the same s…

Colonel Abe/I Hate Rock n Roll/Volar invade SXSW 2011, etc.

So we've got our promo materials and final lineup ready for the viewing public. Last year was a blast, let's hope this year comes at least remotely close.

I put together this little video flyer here:

Here's the full line-up:

Thursday Mar 17
115-145 © Devon Williams
200-230 © Blood Beach
245-315 © Pujol
330-400 © Ale Mania
415-445 Flight?
500-530 © Pterodactyl
545-615 No Joy
630-700 La Sera
7:15-??? © Wax Museums

Fri Mar 18
© DJ Chris Ziegler between bands
130-200 © Shining Path
215-245 © Paul Cary
300-330 © Natural Child (PS)
345-415 © Oh Sees
430-500 © White Mystery
515-545 © King Tuff
600-630 © Strange Boys
645-700 © Vomettes
700-730 © DJ Chris Ziegler (LA RECORD)

115-145 © Sandwitches
200-230 © Twerps
245-315 © Shannon and the Clams
330-400 © Ratas del Vaticano
415-445 © Audacity
515-545 © Davila 666
600-630 © Grass Widow
645-715 © Personal and the Pizzas
715-??? DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin

Here's another fly…