25 April, 2011

Stream the new Destruction Unit LP 'Sonoran'/shows this weekend in SD

These will be shipping later this week/early next week, and for a short time, you can stream the whole album here:

Destruction Unit--Sonoran LP by Volar Records

In the punk-rock prime of his youth, Ryan Rousseau (aka Elvis Wong) saw himself cutting his teeth as the drummer for the Wongs, eventually hooking up with Jay Reatard to play in the Reatards, and dividing his time between the former band in Arizona and the latter in Memphis. Ryan soon recorded the first Destruction Unit 7?, a blistering slab of synth-punk, which eventually led Ryan to Tuscon?s drony, synth-heavy Digital Leather. Ryan in turn filled in from time to time on drums for Jay and Alix?s Angry Angles, and eventually found himself recording two more LPs under the Destruction Unit moniker with help from Jay and Alicja starting up the southwestern punk act Tokyo Electron, and exploring his more melodic, post-punk roots with Earthmen and Strangers. After the death of Jay Reatard in early 2010, Ryan resurrected Destruction Unit, this time emphasizing more psych/kraut/desert rock influences on their first LP, Eclipse, in FDH Records. For their second LP, Sonoran, due out in April from Volar Records, the group has almost completely stripped away whatever synth-punk leanings they were holding on to, creating a purely ?desert-at-night? psych/kraut/space-rock album best enjoyed on the long nightly drives through the barren wastelands of the Southwest.

Destruction Unit will be here in San Diego this weekend to play two shows, Friday
at the Tin Can Ale House with Tar Halos (members of Riververb, Sugarrush Railroad) and Shiva Trash (members of the Sess) and DJ Ryan Hand, and Saturday at Til-Two with Ale Mania and Stalins of Sound and DJ Tyrone. They'll also be playing May 7th at the Palo Verde Lounge in Phoenix, Az with Lenguas Largas (look for the upcoming 12" on Volar in June), Nihilism, Far Corners, and DJ Horsepussy.

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