08 May, 2011

Soft Pack-curated Vice/Vitamin Water shows this week w/Ale Mania, Audacity, and more

Two great shows this week, curated by the swell gents in the Soft Pack and presented by Vice Magazine/Vitamin Water.

The first is at the Detroit Bar in Orange County (Costa Mesa, to be exact), and features White Fence (listen to "Gimmie Some Time" from the recently released Nerves tribute, and thanks to Tim for his art contributions), Audacity (still have some of their records left), and Tijuana Panthers (who will be working with Volar in the near future.

And then this coming Saturday, May 14th, the second Soft Pack-curated show, this time here in sunny San Diego, will feature Dunes, Ale Mania, Devon Williams, plus a special Surprise Guest, and no, I don't know who it'll be. This will be at the great Til-Two Club.

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