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Video for Davila 666's cover of "Hanging on the Telephone" by the Nerves

A new video for Davila's great cover of "Hanging on the Telephone" (later made famous by Blondie) just popped up. We still have Under the Covers Vol. 2: A Tribute to Paul Collins, Peter Case and Jack Lee (of the Nerves) cassettes and LPs available for any interested parties. Watch the video and stream the entire compilation below.

Under the Covers Vol 2: A Tribute to Paul Collins, Peter Case and Jack Lee by Volar Records

Digital Leather interview about Jay Reatard and 'Infinite Sun' 12" on Hear Nebraska

Shawn Foree of Digital Leather talks about the Infinite Sun record, out this week,at

by Michael Todd

To preface, let’s simplify a fictional concept and say Harry Potter's horcruxes are merely pieces of one’s soul, created intentionally. Let’s also take the real world and superimpose this fiction upon it, for what are songs if not pieces of one’s soul, forever representations of personality and creativity that live so long as the memories that hold them? Let’s say, in other words, dead is not dead.

Jay Reatard, for instance, lives in the memory of Shawn Foree, whose band Digital Leather has a new record that exists mostly because of Reatard, a punk rock pioneer who died on Jan. 13, 2010. Heck, Reatard’s ghost even handed Foree one of the EP’s seven songs in a dream. While awake, Foree considers Reatard to be his moral compass, there in times of need when record labels try to have their way with him and he wants to curl into a ball.

This Thursday at the Slowdown, …

Christmas Island/Cowabunga Babes 12"/LP and August tour dates

Pretty excited about this one. We haven't played in some time, since last getting back from our tour last October with Wavves, but we couldn't resist the opportunity to head out on a little West Coast jaunt with our good pals Cowabunga Babes and play with some other friends of ours along the way. Just in time for the tour, Volar will be pressing some tour-only copies of the six-song Poisoner 12" (info below) as well as tour-only copies of Cowabunga Babes' debut LP, Going Nowhere.

VOLAR18--Cowabunga Babes--Going Nowhere LP

Once upon a time, Cowabunga Babe Mike Bova lived in San Diego and started Cowabunga Dudes with Lucy Wehrly, teaching her to play some basic drums in the process. When he decided to move to Austin, Lucy started writing songs with her boyfriend (and one of my very best friends) Brian Carver, and Bova recruited some friends in Austin to carry on some of the Dudes songs as the Cowabunga Babes (and really, they are all …

Volar Records presents Iceage, Cult of Youth, Ale Mania, Spirit Photography, Tropical Popsicle, Friday, July 22nd, Casbah

Volar Records is proud to present Iceage, Cult of Youth, Ale Mania, Spirit Photography, and Tropical Popsicle at the Casbah, Friday, July 22nd.

Iceage has been making waves since their first 7" last year. Those songs and their subsequent New Brigade LP was recorded when the members of the band were around 17-18 years old, and it wasn't long before the likes of Pitchfork were hailing them as one of the most exciting new punk bands on the planet. Elements of punk, hardcore, goth and black metal are all at play here, and this first US tour promises to solidify their place in the annals of punk history. Read an interview here:, and read Pitchfork's Best New Music review here:

Cult of Youth, Dais labelmates with Iceage, have been building a steady following since 2007 with their brand of neo-folk. The great Sacred Bones Records in NYC picked up on '…