06 September, 2011


So I officially have a 'real' website in the works finally, along with some other bigger, weirder plans. Some good friends have been kind enough to offer their time and skill and energy to making this whole label thing run a bit more smoothly, and I appreciate it greatly. Really keeping up with everything by myself has obviously proven to be overwhelming, and, you know, life happens and all that. I'm currently in the planning stages with some cohorts for videos for Tropical Popsicle's "Beach With No Footprints" and Christmas Island's "Poisoner", and the Trop Pop 7", Digital Leather LP, Lenguas Largas 12" are all due later this week/early next, with the Cowabunga Babes LP and Christmas Island 12" following shortly after. Thanks to everyone, friends, customers, etc., for all your support.

--craig/volar records

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