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Beaters and Ale Mania LP two-pack

I've spoken endlessly about my fortunate involvement with both Beaters and Ale Mania, both of whom sprung up after the demise of the Sess here in San Diego. Ale Mania's stellar debut LP, A, Who Sings That Beat?, was released over the summer, and Beaters debut LP, Fishage, is on its way. For a short time, order both LPs together and save some bucks, and stream both below.

Beaters LP/Ale Mania LP Two-Pack

San Diego CityBeat's review of the Ale Mania LP by Seth Combs:


ALE MANIA A, Who Sings That Beat?

A little more than a year ago, just about every indie fag worth his bespectacled salt (including myself) was creaming his pants over local garage heroes Beaters and their torrid single, “Fishage.” The core duo of that group (Jeremy Rojas and Andrew Montoya) made a huge buzz with their previous band, The Sess, before splintering off into Beaters and Ale Mania around 2009. But while Beaters’ “Fishage” made the rounds on the blogosphere faster than news of Thom Yo…

Christmas Island 12", Cowabunga Babes LP, Uzi Rash LP ready

So, I'm sure it's clear to anyone who's been paying attention that I tried tackling way too much in 2011 in terms of releases. As I've stated before, this label is self-funded, and the task of trying to put out something like sixteen records proved pretty difficult. However, at long last, I'm just about completely caught up. The Christmas Island Poisoner 12", the Cowabunga Babes Going Nowhere LP, and the Uzi Rash I Was 30 in 2012 LP are all in and shipping. I'll have the Beaters Fishage LP in the next couple of weeks, and after that will begin figuring out Volar's schedule for releases for the first part of 2012. Stream and purchase the releases below.

Buy the limited color Going Nowhere LP:

Buy the limited color Poisoner 12":

Buy the limited color I Was 30 in 2012 LP:

San Diego City Beat review of the Christmas Island--Poisoner 12"

Buy limited color vinyl here:

Courtesy of Seth Combs and San Diego CityBeat:

Christmas Island back with a new 12-inch
Local indie-rock band serves up perfect DIY pop
By Seth Combs

Christmas Island
Poisoner 12-inch

It’s been a while since we last heard from Christmas Island. Back in mid-2009, the indie-rock quartet was often mentioned in the same articles as Crocodiles and Wavves as the next band to emerge from what Rolling Stone dubbed San Diego’s “seedy” lo-fi underground. While those other bands became indie-household names, Christmas Island released a great, self-titled record on a respected indie label (In The Red, once home to Jay Reatard and Vivian Girls, among others) and then, for the most part, disappeared.

Poisoner, a new six-song 12-inch, isn’t exactly the trumpet-sounding return that fans of the band have been craving; nor is it particularly groundbreaking or novel. However, it is a quaint reminder of why we liked the band in the first place: They serve up perfect…

Uzi Rash tour starts tomorrow!

Straight outta Oakland, mutant-punk-pranksters Uzi Rash begin their West Coast tour tomorrow in support of their I Was 30 in 2012 LP on Volar. Dates below courtesy of the band's blog, and a stream of the LP.

JAN 11- oakland 1234go! records w STILL SUIT, MEAT SWAP
JAN 13- san diego tower bar w CHRISTMAS ISLAND, STALINS OF SOUND
JAN 14- day show fullerton burger records 4pm w GLITTER WIZARD, PLANT TRIBE
JAN 14- costa mesa detroit bar w BLEACHED, the 321s

we have new record "I WAS 30 IN 2012" LP from volar records
plus "I SAW U" 7" from 1234go! records, "PALMWINE RUMPUS VOL. 2" LP from 24/7 industries.
available soon: "WHYTE RASH TIME"LP from deadbeat records

we journey north in february. we travel to the east in april. we finish in november.

JAN 11- oakland 1234go! records w STILL SUIT, MEAT S…

Christmas Island--Poisoner 12" giveaway on Get Bent!

In conjunction with Get Bent!, we're offering a series of giveaways this week, starting today with the Christmas Island--Poisoner 12". Post your favorite track from the Volar Soundcloud and enter to win a limited test pressing. We play our record release show this Friday with Uzi Rash and Stalins of Sound at the Tower Bar here in San Diego. Should be a blast!

From Get Bent!:


This week, Volar Records out of San Diego, CA has offered up some of their choicest records for you, dear readers! First up is a limited test pressing of Christmas Island’s 12” Poisoner. If you want to know what we thought about it, you can read the review here, or decide for yourself by listening to the full stream below. Enter to win by commenting a link to your favorite song out of the Volar catalog, which you can peruse on their soundcloud here. Pretty damn good, ain’t it.

Favorite songs of 2011--part two

Iceage--"You're Blessed." I was lucky enough to play with these guys back in July, they were as amazing as expected.

Cult of Youth--"The New West." Also played with these guys on their tour with Iceage. Really, really great.

Zola Jesus--"Vessel." I've known Nika for a couple of years now, and have had the good fortune of playing with ZJ as well. I'm incredibly happy for the success that she and Sacred Bones Records have had the past couple of years. (As a caveat, SB put out the first record I ever appeared on, the "Time is Racing" 7" by Spirit Photography.) She'll be playing again here in early March while on tour with the great Talk Normal, and it's looking like we'll be playing that show as well.

Kavinsky--"Nightcall." I was as obssessed with Drive as (if not more than) a lot of people, and every time this song starts with the main credits and you know you're locked into some strange dream-sta…

Favorite songs of 2011--part one

Here's a collection of some of my favorite tracks from the last year. I'll post more as I remember them...

Chad VanGaalen--"Peace on the Rise" (from the Diaper Island LP)

Women--"Bullfight" (produced by Chad VanGaalen, from the four-way 7" split on the great Fauxdiscx out of the UK)
Women / Cold Pumas / Fair Ohs / Friendo Split 7" by Women / Cold Pumas / Fair Ohs / Friendo

PJ Harvey--"Let England Shake" (the title track from the great LP)

PJ Harvey--"The Words That Maketh Murder" (from the same LP)

PJ Harvey--"The Big Guns Call Me Back Again" (B-side to "The Words That Maketh Murder")

Fresh and Onlys--"Poison Wine" (from the Secret Walls 12" EP on Sacred Bones)

Bill Callahan--"Baby's Breath" (from the Apocalypse LP)