20 January, 2012

Christmas Island 12", Cowabunga Babes LP, Uzi Rash LP ready

So, I'm sure it's clear to anyone who's been paying attention that I tried tackling way too much in 2011 in terms of releases. As I've stated before, this label is self-funded, and the task of trying to put out something like sixteen records proved pretty difficult. However, at long last, I'm just about completely caught up. The Christmas Island Poisoner 12", the Cowabunga Babes Going Nowhere LP, and the Uzi Rash I Was 30 in 2012 LP are all in and shipping. I'll have the Beaters Fishage LP in the next couple of weeks, and after that will begin figuring out Volar's schedule for releases for the first part of 2012. Stream and purchase the releases below.

Buy the limited color Going Nowhere LP:

Buy the limited color Poisoner 12":

Buy the limited color I Was 30 in 2012 LP:

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