05 January, 2012

Favorite songs of 2011--part one

Here's a collection of some of my favorite tracks from the last year. I'll post more as I remember them...

Chad VanGaalen--"Peace on the Rise" (from the Diaper Island LP)

Women--"Bullfight" (produced by Chad VanGaalen, from the four-way 7" split on the great Fauxdiscx out of the UK)

PJ Harvey--"Let England Shake" (the title track from the great LP)

PJ Harvey--"The Words That Maketh Murder" (from the same LP)

PJ Harvey--"The Big Guns Call Me Back Again" (B-side to "The Words That Maketh Murder")

Fresh and Onlys--"Poison Wine" (from the Secret Walls 12" EP on Sacred Bones)

Bill Callahan--"Baby's Breath" (from the Apocalypse LP)

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