06 January, 2012

Favorite songs of 2011--part two

Iceage--"You're Blessed." I was lucky enough to play with these guys back in July, they were as amazing as expected.

Cult of Youth--"The New West." Also played with these guys on their tour with Iceage. Really, really great.

Zola Jesus--"Vessel." I've known Nika for a couple of years now, and have had the good fortune of playing with ZJ as well. I'm incredibly happy for the success that she and Sacred Bones Records have had the past couple of years. (As a caveat, SB put out the first record I ever appeared on, the "Time is Racing" 7" by Spirit Photography.) She'll be playing again here in early March while on tour with the great Talk Normal, and it's looking like we'll be playing that show as well.

Kavinsky--"Nightcall." I was as obssessed with Drive as (if not more than) a lot of people, and every time this song starts with the main credits and you know you're locked into some strange dream-state, it's just too perfect.

Ale Mania--"Peoline." Kind of cheating here, since Dan from Cold Pumas heard AM through their Volar releases, but fuck it. This song rules, and goes back to when the Sess was breaking up and Andrew and Jeremy were starting to venture on their own creatively.

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