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Volar at SXSW coverage and more

Haven't really had a chance to sit down and properly recap my experience out at SXSW, but fortunately, a couple of writer friends rode out there with me and published their own. You can read Peter Holslin's article "Letting the Good Times Roll" in last week's SD City Beat, and Ryan Bradford's "Burgers, Bill Murray, and SXSW: Finding Connections in Austin" and "My SXSW Was More Punk Than Your SXSW". In lieu of my own personal post for the time being, I'll just say that catching K-Holes at a warehouse party was the best surprise of the trip. I'd never heard 'em before, and they fucking killed:

Also, I'm starting the first my film series, Burn This Image, this Saturday at Space4Art here in San Diego. Taken from SD Citybeat:

(image by my good bud, Ryan Bradford)

Craig Oliver has been showing films at Whistle Stop Bar for years. At 7 p.m. Saturday, March 31, the local filmmaker and cinephile is cranking things up a notch and debuting his new "Burn This Image" film series at Space 4 Art (325 15th St. East Village), the alternative arts venue that recently expanded programming to include diverse and interesting happenings organized by independent curators. Oliver has chosen to screen Drive, the first American film by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn. Before the film, he'll show some trailers of Refn's other films, give a brief introduction and talk about the director's influences.


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Flat Worms 7" on Marc Riley's (of the Fall) Best of 2016 BBC 6 show, Oh Boland LP on Pitchfork's Best of 2016, Susan LP on Dirty Laundry TV's Best of 2016, Teach Me 7" on ListenSD's Best of 2016

Happy holidays, all, hope you get through them okay. I know this can be a strange time of year for a number of you, myself included. Happy to be here to share some mighty fine recent news in the land of Volar. Marc Riley, one of the originally songwriters in the Fall, has a BBC 6 show, and just last week discovered the debut 7" by Flat Worms on Volar. He says some very kind words here about the nine-minute mark, played them again the next day, and then included them in his best of 2016 show this past Monday. We're down to the last few of our black vinyl copies. Also this past week, Pitchfork put out its list of

Recent Volar Press

So we've had some very kind folks cover some of our recent and upcoming releases in the past weeks, and we thought we'd take the chance to collect those here in one place.

First off, among our slate of upcoming releases, we've got Vol. 2 of the Strange Mutations 7" box set, ft. new records by Lenz, Fine Steps, Cosmonauts, and Teenage Burritos, whose "Danya" 7" you can read about over at Lo-Pie.  Fuzz Drench has a little post about the Cosmonauts 7" here.  More on this set soon enough, we assure you.  (Check out Vol. 1, ft. new 7"s by Eat Skull, Beaters, Audacity/Big Eyes, Stalins of Sound, and Far Corners here)

Lo-Pie's take on "Danya":
by on Mar 27, 2013
Teenage Burritos // Danya 7″
Volar Records
3.7/5 Pies
Recommended Track: Danya
Teenage Burritos is a band whose name confuses the hell out of me. Is it referring to teenagers who eat burritos or the types of burritos that teenagers prefer to eat …

Debut LP and tour by Irish trio Oh Boland and debut 7" by Teach Me, solo LP by Matt Lamkin (Soft Pack)

STREAM/ORDER/DL the debut limited clear LP Spilt Milk by  Irish punk-slop-power-pop trio Oh Boland
Formed in 2012, the trio of songwriter Niall Murphy(Guitars, Vocals) Eanna MacDonnchadha (bass) and Simon McDonagh (drums/vocals) came together to form Oh Boland over the course of drunken pub crawls in their small town of Tuam, Ireland.The band eventually recorded a couple of EPs with Brian Kelly of So Cow, and began venturing out into Galway City, leading to involvement with Dublin-based collective Popical Island and their release of the Delphi split LP with fellow Ireland indie-poppers Me and My Dog.
The Delphi recordings brought them together with producer Mark Chester, who makes his own music as Ginnels and plays in No Monster Club. After the band realized they were sitting on a number of songs, they decided to go back in with Chester to record this first full-length, Spilt Milk, over the course of two days over Halloween weekend 2014 in a cottage in one of the most isolated parts o…