06 September, 2012

Window Twins video/track premieres and LP preorder

Window Twins' sophomore LP, Wish, is out now on cassette over at Crash Symbols, and due out soon on vinyl on Volar.  Preorder the limited-color, mailorder-only vinyl here and receive an advance digital download of the album.

Catch the premiere for "Two Left Feet," directed by BrokenMachineFilms.com, the second video off of the sophomore Window Twins (Tim Cohen--Fresh and Onlys/Magic Trick, Jon Bernson--Exray's/ Ray's Vast Basement) LP, Wish, out October 16th on vinyl via Volar and cassette via Crash Symbols, over at Impose Magazine (or just watch it below).  Preorder the limited-color, mailorder vinyl LP for $14 here, the cassette for $5 here, and both as a set for $16 here.  Listen to some already posted stuff below, including affiliated projects, and read Pitchfork's just-posted glowing review of the new Fresh and Onlys LP, Long Slow Dance, out yesterday on Mexican Summer.

From our press release:

SF-based Window Twins, the joint project of Jon Bernson (Exray's/Ray's Vast Basement) and Tim Cohen (Fresh and Onlys/Magic Trick), are gearing up for the release of their sophomore effort, Wish, on October 16th via Volar Records on vinyl and Crash Symbols on cassette, following their debut LP, I Am This Tall City, released in 2009 via Howell's Transmitter.  In the time since that first WT record, Bernson has kept busy with Exray's, who, among other things, saw their track, "Hesitation," from their first self-titled LP, wind up in David Fincher's The Social Network, and recently released their sophomore LP, Trust A Robot. Cohen has been especially busy lately, what with the recent release of his solo project Magic Trick's second LP, Ruler of the Night, on Hardly Art, and the upcoming Fresh & Onlys LP, Long Slow Dance, out in September on Mexican Summer

Though Tim Cohen (The Fresh & Onlys, Magic Trick) and Jon Bernson (Exray’s, Ray’s Vast Basement) have been long- time collaborators, Window Twins is the primary outlet for their shared visions; a cyclical partnership, struck up when the animus moves both Bay Area staples. With the support of close friend and visual artist Kevin Earl Taylor, the duo advances on the strength of two distinctive voices at play in their recordings. Though the two musicians’ equally distinctive vocals have a central role, they act in tandem with meticulously orchestrated loops and potent but minimal instrumentation.
Wish is the group’s second album together and it deftly focuses the parameters of its predecessor, I’m This Tall City, released in 2009. Famous genre-busters, Cohen and Bernson conjure an endless range of sensation in their collabora- tion, their dry wits finding outlets in drowsy psych-soul, shambolic rhapsodies; anxious meditations given further character by Warren Huegel’s layered percussion, Aaron Rocker’s moody horns and Amanda Hallquist’s solitary wurlitzer. To all of this, add an experimental beat sensibility, beyond and often in tandem with live drums, that really seems to define the col- laboration and the core of its shared experiment.

Find Foxy Digitalis's premiere of Lord Tang's remix of "Thunder and Lightning" here, and listen below:


"Two Left Feet" video by Joshua Rogers of BrokenMachineFilms.com:

Window Twins--"Thunder and Lightning" from Volar Records on Vimeo.

Exray's--"Hesitation" video (you can hear a snippet of this The Social Network):

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