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HELLOWEEN SALE--Christmas Island/Destruction Unit/Digital Leather/6x2x12 comp

So we've got a lot of stuff in the works, and for the next few days, we're offering a sale on a few titles that we've still got some pretty healthy stock on.  Look/listen/buy below.  And Happy Helloween!

Christmas Island--Poisoner 12" limited red vinyl--$8 (buy it here)

Destruction Unit--Sonoran LP--$10 (buy it here)

Digital Leather--Infinite Sun 12" limited red vinyl--$8 (buy it here)

6 x 2 x 12" US/Canada post punk comp ft. Beaters/Ale Mania/Spirit Photography/Sharp Ends/O Voids/Defektors limited white vinyl--$4 (buy it here)

Audacity/Big Eyes split 7" on Volar and US tour!

I'm pleased to announce that we're yet again working with one of our favorite bands on the planet (and swell friends), Audacity.  You might remember the "Ears and Eyes" 7" (buy the limited color repress) from a couple of years ago, a co-release with I Hate Rock n Roll Records (with nifty production by Rob Barbato of Darker My Love/La Sera and artwork by Tim Presley of Darker My Love/White Fence to boot).  Now that the boys are done supporting/backing King Tuff on the road, they're out on their own promoting their Mellow Cruisers LP available from Burger/Recess Records, with their good friends Big Eyes in tow for a handful of dates this week, and then a joint five-week tour starting early November.  Volar is releasing a split 7" of the two bands, featuring "Bottle It Up" b/w "Half the Time", and the bands will have plenty of hand-numbered and labeled test presses with them on the road.  We're offering twenty copies of the test pr…

Tropical Popsicle--"Ghost Beacons" 7"s have arrived!

Just a quick note here: the Tropical Popsicle "Ghost Beacons" 7"s have finally arrived!  Order limited color vinyl here, pick one up tomorrow from the band at their show with Woods and White Fence at the Soda Bar here in SD, and listen to tracks below.  Also, check out the recent limited-color repress of their first 7", "Beach With No Footprints", and order one of those here.  Both records feature great artwork by the one-and-only Jess Holzworth, who's had a nice career in art the past few years, video in particular, directing videos by Beck, MIA, and Black Bananas, among others.  Look for Trop Pop's debut LP in January on Volar in the US and Talitres in Europe.

Destruction Unit/Digital Leather tour

Destruction Unit tour:
10/19- Omaha, NE @ Oleaver's w/ Digital Leather, and Solid Goldberg
10/20- Lafayette, IN @ Foam City w/ Digital Leather, Ancient Slang
10/21- Chicago, IL @ Burlington Bar w/ Digital Leather, the Runnies
10/22- Madison, WI @ Mickey's Tavern w/ Digital Leather, The Hussy, The New Villains
10/23- Milwaukee. WI@Cactus Club w/ the Blind Shake, Digital Leather
10/24- Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class! w/ Modern Convenience(TN)
10/25- Rochester, NY
10/26- Brooklyn, NY@ 538 Johnson #201 w/ Leather, Shoxxx, Warthog, Deformity
10/27- Northampton, MA
10/28- Brooklyn, NY @ Don Pedro's w/ the Men, the Guts, Pampers
10/29- Philly, PA@ King Fu Necktie w/ Salvation, SGNLS, Residules
10/30- Charlotte, NC@ Yauhaus
10/31- Athens, GA@ Caledonia lounge
11/1- Memphis, TN@ the Buccaneer w/ the Manatees
11/2- NOLA@ Circle Bar w/ Cheap Time
11/3- Austin, TX @ Red 7(outside) with King Tuff, The Intelligence, Spray Paint

You could consider Destruction Unit's Ryan Rousseau and Digi…

STRANGE MUTATIONS BOX SET VOL. 1 : 7"s by Eat Skull, Audacity, Beaters, Far Corners, Stalins of Sound

So after trying to figure this out for years, I ran into a spate of good timing.  Volar will be releasing its first singles-series box set, with five new 7"s available by Eat Skull, Audacity, Beaters, Far Corners, and Stalins of Sound, which will be available in limited-color vinyl for the box set, as well as limited-color for individual purchase as well.  Links to listen/buy are readily available below.

Buy the entire box set for $30 PPD here, in limited-to-the-set colors and specially packaged here, and listen to all five releases below.

Strange Mutations Vol. 1 ft. Eat Skull, Beaters, Far Corners, Stalins of Sound, Audacity/Big Eyes by Volar Records

Eat Skull--"Where'd You Go" + "Medication Time" b/w "Jefferson Angel" 7" on both limited red and gold vinyl available individually for $6 here.  Their first release since their "Jerusalem Mall" 7" early last year on Woodsist, and preceding their upcoming third LP on Woodsist this…

Window Twins--Wish LP/cassette/digital, Interview magazine interview, Sky is Black video premiere

Hi there folks, another few busy weeks here around Volar headquarters (my bedroom, mostly).

One of the things we've been gearing up for is the release of Window Twins' sophomore LP, Wish, the result of a years-long collaboration between Tim Cohen of Fresh and Onlys/Magic Trick and Jon Bernson of Exray's/Ray's Vast Basement. The album will be available to the world tomorrow via extremely-limited cassette and affordable digital download here, with the vinyl dropping Nov. 15, limited, mailorder-only color copies of which are available for $14 here, which come with an advance download, or both for $16 here, or you can just head over to Itunes if that's easier for ya.

Leading up to the album release, the group has seen plenty of good press.  Most recently, the kind folks at Interview Magazine ran a nice interview with Jon and premiered the video for "The Sky is Black," by the Tearist.  You can read the interview here and view the video below.

 We've also…