31 October, 2012

HELLOWEEN SALE--Christmas Island/Destruction Unit/Digital Leather/6x2x12 comp

So we've got a lot of stuff in the works, and for the next few days, we're offering a sale on a few titles that we've still got some pretty healthy stock on.  Look/listen/buy below.  And Happy Helloween!

Christmas Island--Poisoner 12" limited red vinyl--$8 (buy it here)

Destruction Unit--Sonoran LP--$10 (buy it here)

Digital Leather--Infinite Sun 12" limited red vinyl--$8 (buy it here)

6 x 2 x 12" US/Canada post punk comp ft. Beaters/Ale Mania/Spirit Photography/Sharp Ends/O Voids/Defektors limited white vinyl--$4 (buy it here)

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