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Window Twins--Wish LP/cass reviews/stream full album (so far)

We've talked for a better part of our about our anticipation of the great sophomore LP by Window Twins, Wish, the result of the collaboration between Tim Cohen (Fresh and Onlys, Magic Trick) and Jon Bernson (Exray's/Ray's Vast Basement).  Cassettes are available via Crash Symbols and digital as well, which you can also found at the major digital outlets, with the vinyl on Volar any day now.  Proper album reviews are starting to roll in, which you can read below.  We'll have a full album stream up soon as soon as the vinyl's in our hands, but you can check out some choice cuts and videos below.  Purchase limited color LPs for $14, or the LP/cassette together for $16.

Soft Riot's remix/"version" of "Don't Let Me Down" via Fader:

"Londoner Soft Riot’s high-stepping remix of “Don’t Let Me Down,” by the weird-pop Window Twins (the Bay Area team of Tim Cohen of The Fresh & Onlys and Jon Bernson of Exray’s), sounds less like science fict…

Tar Halos--Wine Hand (soft) record release show tonight!

Of the many releases due out in the next months that I'm excited, one in particular is the debut LP by Tar Halos, Wine Hand (preorder limited color copies here).  A mutant concoction of punk/psych/kraut/space rock, the fellas in Tar Halos have definitely built their own unique creative engine, holing in a practice space and exploring whatever they feel like, having put in many a year in other bands like Riververb, Sugarrush Railroad, Electric Nazarene, Upsilon Acrux, and plenty more.  They're playing tonight at Tin Can Ale House with their buds in Joy, Harsh Toke, the Earwigs, and as the backing band for Eddie Dougherty, and they'll have 35 limited test presses with hand-made covers, with the official copies due out in the next few weeks.  We're all more than pleased with how the finished recordings came out, and we hope you will be, too.  Check out "Broken Clocks" from WH below, as well as the rest of the proper LP, as well as the full digital s/t LP, the d…

Soft Riot--No Longer Stranger LP now available digitally/Fiction Prediction due out soon

VOLAR31--Soft Riot--No Longer Stranger LP (preorder mailorder-only vinyl for an early download)
Now available worldwide from all major digital outlets--Itunes, Amazon, Emusic, Spotify, etc.

Back in February of this year, my buddy/coworker Scott was DJing his usual Tuesday night at the bar at which we both work.  One song in particular jumped out at me, sounded familiar; perhaps because he'd played it before, perhaps because it was a cover.  The track was by one-man UK atmospheric-synth project Soft Riot, "Electrolux," a cover of the great 1994 track by Hoover (listen to the original).  Scott was kind enough to give me the burned CD he was playing this off of, the original No Longer Stranger six-song EP released in a digital-only format in January 2011 on Panospria.  Within a few days of driving around to the EP, I knew I was obsessed, and tracked down Jack Duckworth, the man behind Soft Riot.  "I don't know if you have any plans, but this has to be on vinyl.  T…