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Recent Volar Press

So we've had some very kind folks cover some of our recent and upcoming releases in the past weeks, and we thought we'd take the chance to collect those here in one place.

First off, among our slate of upcoming releases, we've got Vol. 2 of the Strange Mutations 7" box set, ft. new records by Lenz, Fine Steps, Cosmonauts, and Teenage Burritos, whose "Danya" 7" you can read about over at Lo-Pie.  Fuzz Drench has a little post about the Cosmonauts 7" here.  More on this set soon enough, we assure you.  (Check out Vol. 1, ft. new 7"s by Eat Skull, Beaters, Audacity/Big Eyes, Stalins of Sound, and Far Corners here)

Lo-Pie's take on "Danya":
by on Mar 27, 2013
Teenage Burritos // Danya 7″
Volar Records
3.7/5 Pies
Recommended Track: Danya
Teenage Burritos is a band whose name confuses the hell out of me. Is it referring to teenagers who eat burritos or the types of burritos that teenagers prefer to eat …

Strange Mutations 7" set Vol. 1 ft. Eat Skull, Beaters, Audacity, Big Eyes, Stalins of Sound, Far Corners now available

After some delays, the Strange Mutations 7" set Vol. 1 boxed set is finally available.  We've got 150 limited, hand-numbered sets.  You can order the set at the bandcamp link below, or the records individually at our digital store.  Links and info below.  Check over here to find out about the recent LPs on Volar from Window Twins, Tar Halos, and Soft Riot.
After many years of playing music, booking shows, and running Volar Records, I’ve had the great fortune to meet plenty of great bands. Over those years, I’ve tried to figure out what most ties together the bands on the label... Volar has released a slew of 7"s and LPs, debuts and otherwise, including plenty of international records: synth, punk, lo-fi, psych, and everything in-between. Though many of the bands have joined me in my own warped vision, they all share in them an authenticity that can sometimes be hard to find in everyday life. There’s a community experience they all share, and to more broadly exp…

Window Twins (Tim Cohen & Jon Bernson), Tar Halos, and Soft Riot LPs now available

We're pleased to announce that the Window Twins (Tim Cohen of Fresh and Onlys/Magic Trick & Jon Bernson of Exray's/Ray's Vast Basement), Tar Halos (mutant psych-punk), and Soft Riot (UK-based one man atmospheric synth) LPs are all available now.  Info, tracks, and videos below.

VOLAR24 - Window Twins - Wish LP

Stream the entire LP via Soundcloud or purchase a digital download and/or LP via Bandcamp or over at our digital store.  You can also stream the remixes via Soundcloud.

Window Twins - Wish by Window Twins

SF-based Window Twins, the joint project of Jon Bernson (Exray's/Ray's Vast Basement) and Tim Cohen (Fresh and Onlys/Magic Trick), have just released their sophomore LP, Wish, on October 16th digitally and on vinyl this week viaVolar Records andCrash Symbols on cassette, following their debut LP,I Am This Tall City, released in 2009 viaHowell's Transmitter.  In the time since that first WT record, Bernson has kept busy with Exray's, who, among othe…

Volar bands at SXSW

It’s that time of year again, the chaos that is a week of heavy beer consumption and rock ‘n’ roll (which lasts all year for some of us) that is SXSW.  Sad to say that, for the first time in five years, I’ll not be attending.  My plans for showcases fell through, and I’m in the midst of releasing eight records at the same time (pay attention to these pages later this week for more on all of that).  Anyhow, we wanted to keep you updated on the Volar acts that’ll be gracing Austin (and other cities as well in some cases) with their presence over the next week.  Dates and goodies, so if you happen to be out that way, please try and catch 'em!

SXSW 2013

Teenage Burritos

Listen to the original version of “Kamikaze” from last summer’s cassette on Burger Records, and stayed tuned for the newly recorded 7” on Volar featuring the talents of our buddy Andreas Lagerstrom of Holograms on vox and keys.  Also, you can listen to "Danya" over at SXSW's official schedule pag…