20 March, 2013

Strange Mutations 7" set Vol. 1 ft. Eat Skull, Beaters, Audacity, Big Eyes, Stalins of Sound, Far Corners now available

After some delays, the Strange Mutations 7" set Vol. 1 boxed set is finally available.  We've got 150 limited, hand-numbered sets.  You can order the set at the bandcamp link below, or the records individually at our digital store.  Links and info below.  Check over here to find out about the recent LPs on Volar from Window Twins, Tar Halos, and Soft Riot.
After many years of playing music, booking shows, and running Volar Records, I’ve had the great fortune to meet plenty of great bands. Over those years, I’ve tried to figure out what most ties together the bands on the label... Volar has released a slew of 7"s and LPs, debuts and otherwise, including plenty of international records: synth, punk, lo-fi, psych, and everything in-between. Though many of the bands have joined me in my own warped vision, they all share in them an authenticity that can sometimes be hard to find in everyday life. There’s a community experience they all share, and to more broadly expore that particular vision is the purpose of Strange Mutations, a 7” series that brings our friends together in unique combinations. Given the origins of our collective mutations and the diversity of bands, ultimately the purpose of the series is to help new bands and stalwarts move forward on a basis of like-minded community.

Stream the entire set and purchase a digital download for $10 or the vinyl with immediate download for $30 PPD below:

Stream select tracks via Soundcloud below:

I was introduced to Audacity  shortly after starting Volar. A group of kids barely out of high school, who had just released an LP on the then-brand new label, Burger Records. My good friend Jon, who was running I Hate Rock n Roll Records at the time, suggested that we partner up to co-release a 7" with our buddy Rob Barbato of Darker My Love (and since then, Cass McCombs and La Sera) producing. That 7” became the Ears and Eyes EP. I've stayed in touch with the band since then, and when they called me last fall to get help booking a national tour with Seattle’s Big Eyes, we spontaneously planned a split 7" for the tour. I rushed out test pressings just in time for that jaunt, and now we’re finally seeing the official release. I couldn’t be happier to be working with them again, particularly as they plan for an LP on Suicide Squeeze.

Press: Brooklyn Vegan, Punk News, Express Milwaukee, Pure Grain Audio, Amp Magazine, (#2), Exclaim!

Order limited, mailorder-only red and gold copies of the Audacity/Big Eyes split 7" at our digital store (or download from the above Bandcamp link) and stream both tracks below.

Stalin's main-man Hadi once played in a trashy punk band by the name of the Dissimilars with an old friend of mine some years ago, and since then, we’d always kept in touch. Eventually Hadi moved in with me, and around this time he started the satirical drum-machine, buzzsaw-punk band Stalins of Sound. Volar released the first 7”, the Bread and Circuses EP, a few years ago, and this 7” marks the band's second vinyl release. 

Press: Exclaim!, Lo-Pie

Order limited red copies of Stalins of Sound's "Pool of Piranha"/"Panik" (Metal Urbain cover) b/w "Rapture in Blood" at our digital store (or digital tracks at the Bandcamp link above) and stream two tracks below.

Far Corners comes to Volar via Ryan Rousseau of Destruction Unit (who’s also spent his years in the Reatards, the Wongs, and Earthmen and Strangers, among others), who texted one night while D. Unit and Far Corners were playing a show together to tell me, “you should check this shit out!” I did, I thought it was great, and lo and behold (only a little while later) Volar will release their new EP, Sanity Suck. Justin Hubbard and crew run the Trainyard in Los Cruces, NM, where he lives with his wife and kid, and Far Corners happens to host and perform with virtually every great band to pass through that town.

Press: Exclaim!, Lo-Pie

Order limited red copies of Far Corners' "Sanity Suck" b/w "Asleep Since the 70s"/"No So Hot Now" 7" at our digital store (digital tracks at the Bandcamp link above) and stream two tracks below.

I’ve known the boys in Portland's scuzzy weirdo-rock band Eat Skull for many years, going back to the handful of times that my old band, Christmas Island, played with them here and there. I told frontman Rob Enbom back then that he had carte blanche for releases on Volar, but the band went offline for a couple of years, except for a handful of small shows. While finally finishing their third LP, III, for Woodsist, Rob dropped me a line asking if I could out a 7" in time for the release. I couldn't be happier to finally have something out with the gang.

Order limited red copies of Eat Skulls' "Where'd You Go"/"Medication Time" b/w "Jefferson Angel" at our digital store (digital tracks at the Bandcamp link above) and stream two tracks below.

The Jester 7” marks the fourth time I’ve worked with San Diego post-punk/synth act Beaters, two of my great friends, main songwriter Jeremy Rojas and drummer Andrew Montoya, who I knew years before the band started in 2009. They were, at the time, playing in an amazing garage/soul/punk act, the Sess. Eventually that band imploded, and I was genuinely saddened, but just as I was starting Volar in early 2009, Jeremy began recording the first Beaters tracks, which became the Fishage 7”, Volar’s first release. At that point, Andrew began recording the first tracks for his project Ale Mania, which became their Lustful Fistful 7”. Since then, Volar has released LPs with both acts, though they've also worked with other great labels like Zoo Music, Sixteen Tambourines, and Suplex Cassettes in France. The Jester 7” marks the next evolution of the band, as Jeremy’s songs have grown to become at once twistier and turnier but also more immediate.

Press: Exclaim!, Lo-Pie

Order limited red copies of Beaters' "Jester" b/w "911 = 11" at our digital store (digital tracks at the Bandcamp link above) and stream "Jester" below.

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