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We've seen some press recently regarding some of the various upcoming records on Volar, and we thought we'd collect 'em all here for ya.

For one, if you haven't seen it yet, Soft Riot debuted their video for "Cinema Eyes", from their upcoming Fiction Prediction LP on Volar/Other Voices, last week.  Thanks to Burning Flame and Impose (read below) for posting it, and read more about the LP here.

Via Impose:

Draw the red velvet curtains for your own personal screening of Soft Riot's "Cinema Eyes". The strobing vintage goth video for "Eyes" is captured by MM Lyle, that fades into scenes to carry you away into the dystopian worlds of technocratic realities. If the seizures don't take you first, the flashes will have you pondering Jack Duckworth's night time cinema brooding of, "those scenes you see are cut to carry you away, those scenes you see have cracks that stop you, pause and wonder about them, what's behind t…

Strange Mutations Vol. 2 7" box set ft. Cosmonauts, Teenage Burritos, Fine Steps, and Lenz

Strange Mutations 7" set Vol. 2 ft. Cosmonauts, Teenage Burritos, Fine Steps, Lenz by Cosmonauts, Fine Steps, Teenage Burritos, Lenz

Just as we've finished shipping the Strange Mutations Vol. 1 7" box set ft. Eat Skull, Beaters, Audacity/Big Eyes, Stalins of Sound, and Far Corners (limited copies still available here), we're happy to announce Vol. 2, ft. new 7"s by Cosmonauts, Fine Steps, Teenage Burritos and Lenz.  Order the limited copies at our online store or at Bandcamp, where you can also just order a direct download.  Have a listen to some tracks, a look at the new video for "All Day Long" by Fine Steps, and read all the info we've gotten together regarding why I decided to try this shit out.

After many years of playing music, booking shows, and running Volar Records, I’ve had the great fortune to meet plenty of great bands. Over those years, I’ve tried to figure out what most ties together the bands on the label... Volar has released a s…

Soft Riot - Fiction Prediction LP and preorder available

After being turned on to Soft Riot's No Longer Stranger digital EP and subsequently recently releasing it in its expanded LP form (buy it here), we're happy to announce his second LP, Fiction Prediction, (PREORDER limited color copies here) as well as present to you the video for "Cinema Eyes", constructed by Soft Riot main man Jack Duckworth along with his cohort MM Lyle.  Info below.

We're also happy to announce the digital single of FP track "Your Own Private Underworld" coupled with the digital-only track "You've Been a Seeker For Long Enough", available via Bandcamp below.

Soft Riot - "Your Own Private Underworld" two-song digital single by Volar Records

Soft Riot is Jack Duckworth, a former Vancouverite now living in London who traces his musical beginnings to the vibrant underground art-punk/hardcore scene emergent across the Canadian and American west coasts in the mid-90s. Duckworth was among the fixtures in that communit…