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We've seen some press recently regarding some of the various upcoming records on Volar, and we thought we'd collect 'em all here for ya.

For one, if you haven't seen it yet, Soft Riot debuted their video for "Cinema Eyes", from their upcoming Fiction Prediction LP on Volar/Other Voices, last week.  Thanks to Burning Flame and Impose (read below) for posting it, and read more about the LP here.

Via Impose:

Draw the red velvet curtains for your own personal screening of Soft Riot's "Cinema Eyes". The strobing vintage goth video for "Eyes" is captured by MM Lyle, that fades into scenes to carry you away into the dystopian worlds of technocratic realities. If the seizures don't take you first, the flashes will have you pondering Jack Duckworth's night time cinema brooding of, "those scenes you see are cut to carry you away, those scenes you see have cracks that stop you, pause and wonder about them, what's behind that mirror?" This is the Philip K. Dick school of future pop reflections on film perspectives. Soft Riot's album Fiction Prediction comes out June 2013 on Other Voices Records in Europe and Volar Records in the States.

The Bay Bridged premiered the last order of business for the great Window Twins LP (read more about that here), Uptown Sinclair's remix of "Others".   Listen and read below.
Premiere: Window Twins – “Others (Uptown Sinclair Remix)” 

April 26, 2013

Written by Nicole L. Browner

Exray’s Jon Bernson and The Fresh & Only’s Tim Cohen “got the band back together” last year to release Window Twins‘ second LP, Wish. The album was first made available by the cassette label Crash Symbols, which has since sold out. Southern California’s Volar Records released a limited run of colored vinyl this month, for sale in their online store.

In celebration of the vinyl production, we have a Window Twins remix to premiere! The Wish track “Others” received an industrial uplift by Uptown Sinclair — aka Isaac Edwards of Odawas.
Wish continues down the dark, echo-y chambers of experimental, lo-fi folk Bernson and Cohen together explore in their collaboration. Having moments of pure deconstruction, reverby tangents, and even breaking out into somewhat jazzy percussion, the album is a trip, for sure. It is the follow-up to Window Twins’ debut LP I’m This Tall City, which was released in 2009 on Howells Transmitter.

Also, friend of the label Julian Elorduy of Fine Steps (look for their 7" on Volar in the coming months) interviewed Tim Hines of Tropical Popsicle for Lo-Pie regarding the upcoming Dawn of Delight LP on Volar, which can find in full here.

Julian Elorduy of Fine Steps interviewed Tim Hines of Tropical Popsicle for Lo-Pie.

Interview: Tropical Popsicle

by on Apr 25, 2013

Tropical Popsicle’s Dawn of Delight is one of my favorite records of the year so far. I’d like to think of all superior works of art as a pre-conceived effort, however, that was not case with Dawn of Delight as Timothy Hines, the main creative juice behind the band, reveals in his responses below.
It seem like Hines’ process is about using whatever tools are immediately available to him, whether it be dictaphones, iPhones, an 8 track cassette recorder or a 16 track studio with 2” tape. It was more happenstance than forethought that brought us Dawn of Delight. Below, Hines talks about the variety of records he listened to during the 1 and 1/2 years it took to create the album, and how Tropical Popsicle became a band thanks to a Thanksgiving Day party and a show and tell meeting with Volar Records’ Craig Oliver. As Hines mentions, there is already a new album in the works. I look forward to hearing more about it and seeing where things go from here.  (cont.......)

Speaking of Julian, the nice folks at Impose Magazine premiered his video for "All Day Long" from that upcoming 7" over here.

"When we were little kids—so long ago—we'd wonder what our friends with no siblings were up to when we were delighted by companion-full endless entertainment. They didn't have an other half to play with, share with, steal from, or want to strangle, so what could these only children be doing in their down time? With the new video from Julian Elorduy's Fine Steps, we've finally figured out what those lonely children were doing—tumbling in their back yards and filming it. The playful video from the Oakland performer is such a happy matchup with the sundrenched song that it feels like a rare instance of visual matching audio. It's organic.
The great part about the Fine Steps video is the accompanying 7" box set that it will surely inspire you to order from Volar Records. Strange Mutations Vol. 2 is a four-artist set of 7-inches that includes two songs each from Fine Steps, Cosmonauts, Teenage Burritos, and Lenz. You can get the scoop and the download on those here. Pick up the set and then roll around in the grass while listening. It's a reversion to childhood."


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