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Destruction Unit - Sonoran LP, Audacity "Ears and Eyes" 7", Digital Leather "Infinite Sun" 12" limited color repress

Destruction Unit - Sonoran LP LIMITED CLEAR VINYL - $10

It's been a pretty exciting last few years for both Destruction Unit.  What began as a two-man synth-punk project involving Ryan Rousseau and Jay Reatard (who played together for years in the legendary Reatards) was resurrected after Jay's passing as a very kraut-y/synth-y project in live form, only to find its way as a full-on space/psych/punk band for the LP Sonoran, released on Volar a little over two years ago.  In that time the band has toured twice with the Men, and is currently on the road with Milk Music and Merchandise.  They released the Void LP on Jolly Dream Records, the "Sonic Pearl" 7" on the great Suicide Squeeze, and recently finished their first proper studio-recorded LP for Sacred Bones, Deep Trip, due out in August, and I couldn't be more excited for them.  NME named them one of the best live bands of SXSW, and wildman Elvis Wong aka Ryan Wong aka Ryan Reatard aka Ryan Rousseau seems …

Sonic Magazine's coverage of the SD music scene back in Summer 2009

Back in March of 2009 (over Easter weekend, to be exact), a friend here in town, Sam, convinced an old childhood friend of his, Erik Augustin Palm, whom he grew up with in Sweden but was now living in SF and working for Sonic Magazine, the biggest music mag in Sweden, to come check out what was happening in San Diego at the time, what with the newfound success of Wavves, Dum Dum Girls, Soft Pack, etc., as well as some of the labels that were trying their hand at things at the time (including Volar), and I ended up carting Erik around town when he wasn't meeting up with all those folks.  I was interviewed throughout the whole weekend, and I also put together that little musical family tree used in the article.   Below is the full article, both the original Swedish text that was published in June 2009, and the translated version.  Check out Sonic Magazine while yr at it.  

Destruction Unit, Audacity, Shannon and the Clams, Stalins of Sound tours

It's nice to see so many of my friends and bands I've been lucky enough to work with hitting the road this summer, some in pretty big ways.

First up, Destruction Unit just played Choas in Tejas last Friday, and now they're on the road for the next month or so with the great Merchandise and Milk Music.  You can head on over to their FB page for day-to-day updates, and read friend-of-the-label Jenn Pelley over at Pitchfork with more info about the tour.  Check out dates below and have a listen to Sonoran, the LP that DU released on Volar a couple of years ago.

02-24 Tucson, AZ - District Tavern
02-25 Tempe, AZ - Yucca Tap Room
03-02 Brooklyn, NY - 285 Kent #
03-08 Denton, TX - 35 Denton Festival
03-14 Austin, TX - SXSW
03-15 Austin, TX - SXSW
03-16 Austin, TX - SXSW
03-19 Tempe, AZ - Deadhorse Warehouse &
04-01 Tempe, AZ - Deadhorse Warehouse ^
05-30 Austin, TX - Chaos in Tejas *
05-31 Austin,TX - Chaos in Tejas *
06-01 Austin, TX - Chaos in Tejas *
06-02 Austin, TX - C…