27 June, 2013

Destruction Unit - Sonoran LP, Audacity "Ears and Eyes" 7", Digital Leather "Infinite Sun" 12" limited color repress

Destruction Unit - Sonoran LP LIMITED CLEAR VINYL - $10

It's been a pretty exciting last few years for both Destruction Unit.  What began as a two-man synth-punk project involving Ryan Rousseau and Jay Reatard (who played together for years in the legendary Reatards) was resurrected after Jay's passing as a very kraut-y/synth-y project in live form, only to find its way as a full-on space/psych/punk band for the LP Sonoran, released on Volar a little over two years ago.  In that time the band has toured twice with the Men, and is currently on the road with Milk Music and Merchandise.  They released the Void LP on Jolly Dream Records, the "Sonic Pearl" 7" on the great Suicide Squeeze, and recently finished their first proper studio-recorded LP for Sacred Bones, Deep Trip, due out in August, and I couldn't be more excited for them.  NME named them one of the best live bands of SXSW, and wildman Elvis Wong aka Ryan Wong aka Ryan Reatard aka Ryan Rousseau seems pretty hellbent on destroying any notions of apathetic spectatorship/showmanship across the nation and beyond.

Anyway, we've run completely out of Sonoran, and our distros are pretty much out as well, so we're repressing it in clear vinyl, limited to 150 copies, for your enjoyment.  Stream the entire LP below and order at our online store, or follow the link via the Bandcamp and Soundcloud streams.

Audacity - "Ears and Eyes" 7" EP LIMITED CLEAR VINYL - $5

Audacity/Big Eyes - "Bottle it Up"/"Half the Time" LIMITED RED and GOLD VINYL - $5

On to Audacity, the guys I met when they were nineteen and fresh off the Power Drowning LP on Burger Records, one of that label's first releases. My buddy Jon was running I Hate Rock n Roll Records at that time (he's since grown pretty busy with his great and gloomy band Cold Showers), and we were putting together the Nerves tribute LP at the time. We were both fans of Audacity and wanted to work with them, and sent them in with our buddy Rob Barbato of Darker My Love/La Sera to record, with DML cohort/White Fence main man Tim Presley contributing cover art.  In the years since, they've put out the Mellow Cruisers LP on Burger/Recess, a split 7" with their friends in Big Eyes on Volar for their tour last fall, recently released a 7" for Suicide Squeeze, and are finishing up the recording of an LP for that label as I write this.

Digital Leather - "Infinite Sun" 12" LIMITED CLEAR VINYL - $9

Digital Leather have remained a bit quiet the last year or so.  Volar released "Infinite Sun" back in mid-2011, with the Sponge cassette on Crash Symbols, the Yes, Please, Thank You cassette, and the Modern Problems LP on FDH last summer, along with some tour dates with their old friends in Destruction Unit.  Word is DL main man Shawn Foree is prepping a new LP (more on that as we hear about it), and DL is just coming off a Midwest stint with their Omaha cohorts Cursive.  It was also announced earlier this year that their friend Todd Finke of the Faint was joining the band to play synth, which hopefully means they'll be playing more of the tunes from Infinite Sun live.

Shannon and the Clams - "Gremlins Crawl" b/w "White Rabbit" (Jefferson Airplane) limited clear white 7" available for $5 at our online store and at Bandcamp.

The Clams are old pals of mine and have come a long since their formation in 2008.  They recently released the great Dreams in the Rat House LP on Hardly Art, and have gotten their fair share of great press for it.  We can't seem to keep this record in stock, so we're pressing another 150 on limited clear white vinyl for $5.  See links above.

While we're at, the Lenguas Largas "Ese Culito" 12" is currently out of stock, so we're 100 of these as well on limited clear white vinyl.  Pick one up at our online store or at Bandcamp.

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