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VOLAR 2014 w/ Susan, Tiger High, TIT (Digital Leather/Hussy collab), Curriculum Vitae, Viet Cong (members of Women/Sharp Ends), Crooked Bangs, Lazy, Northern Tigers, etc.

After a crazy couple of years in more ways than one, 2014's been a little quiet so far on our end. We played catch up from late last year with 7"s by Fine Steps and Lenz and LPs by Tropical Popsicle and Soft Riot, and re-presses of records by Lenguas Largas, Digital Leather, Shannon and the Clams, Audacity, Cosmonauts, Destruction Unit, and some others, and since then, I've been trying to take it easy for the first time in a while and prep a number of upcoming releases, which are now starting to pile up, so I figured I'd share. Plus I have a real job and shit and that can be tiring. Plus plus records are pretty expensive to put out.

A couple of weeks ago was the news of Susan's debut 7" "Just Call It" and their video for it and their interview over at Impose Magazine. You can preorder limited gold and green copies over at our webstore or at our Bandcamp.

After talking with my buddy Greg Roberson, founding member of Reigning Sound, reuniter of Love,…