12 December, 2016

Matt Lamkin of the Soft Pack and Silver Shadows West Coast tour, Teach Me and Keepers live w/ the Spits

First off, a moment of reflection about the Oakland fires. I've been in my own state of shock and grief and am slowly getting back to focusing on this other stuff here. My thoughts go out to everyone involved. I had friends who were there that night and made it out safely; I had quite a few more who were close to going and decided not to. The first show I ever attended in the Bay was at a warehouse (the French Fry Factory), and the first show I ever played there was at the Ghost Town Gallery. I have more musical ties to friends in the Bay and Oakland specifically than anywhere else outside of where I live, and the creative freedom and resourcefulness of the music and arts community there is the richest that I know of in the country. There have been many thoughtful posts and articles regarding that scene in particular, the culture at large, and the nature of warehouse spaces like Ghost Ship. I was asked to do an interview for NBC San Diego and only agreed to help spread that message to folks who don't understand why these spaces exist and why these folks feel marginalized and in need of a space where they can live and work and make art and function with the freedom and openness that much of the establishment fails to provide.  If you're reading this post at all, it's because you like and maybe need music, maybe as much as the folks involved in creating it like and need to do so. Everyone please remember to be there for each other. If you haven't done so yet, please consider contributing to the relief fund for friends and family of the victims.

Another short note, a few weeks back we had a sale to help raise funds for humanitarian and anti-bigotry organizations, and a number of you were nice enough to take part. Through your purchases, the label's been able to give $300 altogether to the Center for Reproductive Rights, the National Immigration Law Center, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Native Americans Rights Fund. We'll doing this again sometime in the new year.

And now on to the music...

Coming up in late January, we have the great honor of releasing two great debut albums by Silver Shadows and Matt Lamkin of the Soft Pack. We're currently in the middle of booking a West Coast tour with some dates pending. If you happen to be able to help, that'd be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, please take the chance to check out both bands if you can!

Matt Lamkin (of the Soft Pack w/ solo backing band) and Silver Shadows tour

Fri 1/27 – SD, CA - Whistle Stop (w/ Flat Worms)

Sat 1/28 – LA, CA - TBA (w/ Flat Worms)

Sun 1/29 – SF, CA - Hemlock Tavern

Tue 1/31 – Eugene, OR - TBA

Wed 2/1 – Olympia, WA - Obsidian
Thu 2/2 – Seattle, WA - TBA

Fri 2/3 – Portland, OR - High Water Mark

Sat 2/4 – Arcata/Sacramento/Davis, CA - TBA

Sun 2/5 – Santa Cruz/San Jose, CA - TBA

This past Friday, Teach Me and Keepers, both of whose debuts 7"s Volar released (and who are both working on their debut LPs for Volar as well), played in support of the Spits at an epic show at the Whistle Stop (where I work). Below is some chaotic video of all three bands courtesy of Instagram user @elephante.triunfante:

A video posted by Danny L. Bubblegum (@elephante.triunfante) on

A video posted by Danny L. Bubblegum (@elephante.triunfante) on

A video posted by Danny L. Bubblegum (@elephante.triunfante) on

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