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Uno Lady - Osmosis LP and Beating debut s/t LP & record release show, Cat Scan and Susan LPs

Well, shit, it's been a year. I forget anyone even looks for this thing. On with some news!

We're really excited to be releasing two new LPs this week by Uno Lady and Beating (fka Beaters). They'll both be playing a record release show this Friday 12/13 at the Whistle Stop Bar along with newest Volar signees The Passengers and D. Wrex. Come if you can!

Uno Lady is the one-woman experimental-pop project of Christa Ebert, who's flying out for the show (and another on 12/15 with Thurston Moore at Zebulon in LA!). Uno Lady composes songs with her voice, electronic effect pedals, and unconventional instruments. Her music includes dream-like layers, looping ethereal tones, instruments and beats, knit together into one lush soundscape. Check out the video for "Breeze" below. DL/stream/order limited color vinyl or just do the boring Spotify thing.

Uno Lady - Osmosis LP by Uno Lady

Way back in 2009, Volar released its first record, the "Fishage" 7" by…